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Rat[2] is a mouse that lives in Penguin Village, and is a classmate of Arale Norimaki.


Dr. Slump[]

Rat is often seen at school with Arale and her other classmates. His house is attacked by Dodongadon when the latter arrived in Penguin Village.[3] Later, Rat is seen playing baseball with Taro Soramame, Akane Kimidori and Donbe, before following Arale and Gatchan with the other Penguin Village residents.[4]

Dragon Ball[]


Rat in Dragon Ball

Rat is seen with Donbe and Nejishiki watching Arale racing the Gatchans just before General Blue and Goku come to town. He is seen again with Donbe when Goku asks him and Donbe whether they saw General Blue.

Voice Actors[]