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|RefName = RR Mech Soldier
|RefName = RR Mech Soldier
|image = [[File:Rampaging Robot (RR Mech Soldier).png|thumb]]
|image = [[File:Rampaging Robot (RR Mech Soldier).PNG|thumb]]
|JapName =
|JapName =
|RomName =
|RomName =

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RR Mech Soldiers are a type of Android developed to serve the Red Ribbon Army as soldiers.


They resemble the Battle Jackets.


Saiyan Saga

In Age 761 an RR Mech Soldier called the Rampaging Robot was rampaging in Spinach Wastes. It was noticed by Android 8, who informed Goku about it upon meeting him. Goku dealt with the Rampaging Robot as per Eighter's request.


A distinct RR Mech Soldier called the Rampaging Robot appears as an early enemy in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

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