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"An unmanned combat robot. The machine guns on its arms fire high-caliber rounds."
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RR Mech Soldiers are a type of Android developed to serve the Red Ribbon Army as soldiers.


They resemble the Battle Jackets.


Saiyan Saga

In Age 761 a RR Mech Soldier variant called the Rampaging Robots was rampaging in East Ravine. It was noticed by Android 8, who informed Goku about it upon meeting him. Goku dealt with the Rampaging Robots as per Eighter's request.

Cell Saga

In Age 767, RR Mech Soldiers and RR Mech Commanders can be encountered in the Far Southern Islands Area where Papaya Town, Papaya Island, and the World Tournament Arena are located. Additionally, RR Mech Soldiers, RR Mech Commanders, & RR Mech Generals can be encountered in the North Mountains Area where Dr. Gero's Lab, the ruins of Muscle Tower, and Jingle Village are located. They are often supported by Red Ribbon Army drones such as the RR Attack Bit, RR Assist Bit, & RR Recovery Bit.

During the ten day wait for the Cell Games, Goku ends up encounteribg a RR Mech Commander named Guard Robot while searching for papers containing information on Android 8 as Dr. Briefs needs them to repair Eighter who has been feeling sluggish due to his internal computer malfunctioning. Goku manages to find the papers he needs but is located by the Guard Robot and his two RR Assist Bit support units. However it proves to be no match for Super Saiyan Goku (and Super Saiyan Gohan if he is on Goku's team). Humorously, Goku is unsure if the Guard Robot is a robot, despite it being obvious. Ultimately, Goku is able to get the papers back to Dr. Briefs who successfully repairs Eighter, who Goku returns to the forest near Bells Village via Instant Transmission.


  • Rampaging Robot: A distinct RR Mech Soldier called the "Rampaging Robot" appears as an early enemy in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.
  • RR Mech Commander: An advanced version of the RR Mech Soldier with increased offensive and defensive capabilities which leads the regular variant.
    • Guard Robot: A distinct RR Mech Commander called "Guard Robot" which appears along with two RR Assist Bits as the robotic guardians of Dr. Gero's Lab in the Sub Story: "Friends Forever". The guard robot is capable of speech and identifies Super Saiyan Goku an intruder when it finds him searching through the ruins of Dr. Gero's Lab for information to help Dr. Briefs repair Eighter.
  • RR Mech General: The ultimate version of the RR Mech Soldier which is finely tuned to consume almost no energy, making it perfect for eliminating intruders, leading the regular and Commander variants.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight - The ability to fly without the use of ki via wings or special mechanism.
  • Machine Impact - A physical technique used by RR Mech Soldiers and their variants where they tackle an opponent.
  • Machine Gun Arm - All RR Mech Variants are equipped with machine gun arms capable of firing high-caliber rounds.
    • Energy Blade - Certain RR Mech Commanders and RR Mech Generals can emit energy blades from both of their Machine Gun Arms.
  • Beam Cannon - Like RR Attack Bits, all RR Mech variants can fire a powerful red energy wave.
  • Self Destruct - Like the Red Ribbon Androids, RR Mech Soldiers and their variants are equipped with the ability to self destruct.
  • Support - RR Mech Soldiers and their variants can use support to summon RR Bit drones as reinforcements.

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