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Dragon Ball Z: Quest is the fourteenth volume of the original Pioneer Dragon Ball Z DVD and VHS releases. It includes three installments from the Namek Saga, episodes 41, 42, and 43. It was also included with the Namek Saga box set, which collected volumes 9-17.

Cover art

The cover features Dende standing before a darkened Guru with the seven Namekian Dragon Balls floating around them. Dende's serious glare emits the very desperate nature of the situation on Namek as Guru adds to the tension in the background, his very life dwindling as the chaotic struggle to obtain the Dragon Balls continues.


  • The Eldest Namek - Dende takes Krillin to the eldest Namek where the ancient Namek leader uses his special power to increase Krillin's potential. Now, it will be up to Krillin to prevent the 7th Dragon Ball from falling into the hands of the evil Frieza!
  • Get Vegeta! - After defeating Vegeta, Zarbon returns to Frieza's spaceship. There, Frieza becomes enraged that Zarbon came back without Vegeta who knows where one of the Dragon Balls is hidden. Zarbon is sent out to retrieve Vegeta and put him in a recovery room.
  • Vegeta Revived - Once Vegeta recovers from Zarbon's pounding, he fools Frieza and Zarbon, and steals their five Dragon Balls! When he goes to hide the balls, Vegeta senses Krillin's power and begins to follow him, but he is being followed by Zarbon!


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