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Pybara (ピバラ Pibara) is the Yardrat elder, and the one who taught Goku the Instant Transmission.



Pybara trained Goku after discovering he alongside Vegeta defeated the Ginyu Force who were committing horrors on Planet Yardrat before Frieza dispatched them to help him on the Battle on Planet Namek in December of Age 762. As the elder, Pybara is guarded by two Yardrat of the first type introduced.

Dragon Ball Super

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

Main article: Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga He meets Vegeta in Age 780 and agrees to help him with training to overcome the Energy Drain technique used by Moro in the conflict against him and his army, the Galactic Patrol Prisoners. He tells Vegeta of their studies of Spirit Control, a way to shift, split and grow their own spirit. While teaching Vegeta, he tells him that his spirit is much more unstable than Goku's was, with Goku having taken 150 days to complete that stage of training.


Pybara gigantification

Pybara's Gigantification



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