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Purple Spiral Flash (パープルコメットクラッシュ Pāpuru Kometto Kurasshu, lit. "Purple Comet Crash") is a Continuous Energy Bullet variation of Continuous Crasher Cannon used by Jeice and Burter.



Purple energy spheres fired from the purple spiral

Jeice and Burter charge red and blue energy shields around their bodies respectively and join together to form a large spiraling purple vortex. Out of the vortex fires many purple energy spheres down at the opponent (in a manner similar to their Continuous Crasher Cannon), inflicting high damage.


Jeice and Burter use this attack during their battle with Goku on Namek in an attempt to bombard him, but Goku generates an invisible shield to deflect them, sending a few blasts careening back at the two.


Video Game Appearances[]

In Super Saiya Densetsu, it is named Purple Comet Crash and used by Jeice and Burter.

In the Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game, it is named Jeice Flash Attack.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the technique is referenced by the Z-Soul Purple Spiral Flash! which can be crafted by mixing Jeice and Burter's Z-Souls, which is a reference to the technique being a team attack preformed by Burter & Jeice. The Purple Spiral Flash! Z-Soul grants a large power increase to Jeice & Burter related Super and Ultimate Skills, while also increasing both movement speed and Ki Blast Super Skill stats.

In FighterZ, this technique can be performed when Captain Ginyu uses his Together We Are The... Ginyu Force!, but only when Jeice is the next Ginyu Force member to be called in.