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"Purple People Beater" (忍者ムラサキ!! Ninja Murasaki!!) is the sixtieth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Ninja Murasaki in a fighting position. Goku is seen next to him.


Goku wins the race, much to Ninja Murasaki anger and General White's annoyance

On the next level, Goku is stunned to find a forest growing inside a building. Then, throwing spikes hit the ground in front of him. Ninja Murasaki boasts about his skills as a ninja and tells us that Goku is going to die very quickly. While Murasaki is bragging about his invisibility, Goku picks up a rock and throws it into the trees. Murasaki decides to try this a second time, throws out a smoke bomb, and challenges Goku to find him. Goku does this with no trouble, because the ninja has grabbed the wrong piece of camouflage (the American flag). So, Murasaki makes one last go at hiding from the boy, telling him to count to thirty before coming to find him. Goku can not remember what comes after 18 and catches Murasaki trying to sneak under a fake rock. Murasaki complains that Goku has ruined his best ninja technique. Goku agrees that the fake looks just like the real thing, but still wants to know what comes after 18. The ninja gets up to 23 before saying that counting is not one of the techniques required by ninja. He tells Goku to just count up to 30, which Goku succeeds at on the second try. This time, the whistling of the air through a reed gives the over-confident ninja away. Murasaki complains that Goku had almost killed him with the hot water poured down the tube, before challenging Goku to a foot race. Murasaki uses caltrops to gain an edge, but Goku responds by wearing wooden geta, and outdistances his opponent. Watching all this from a monitor the final floor of the Muscle Tower, General White thinks that Murasaki has the power but not the intelligence.






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