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Purple City is a city attacked by the Androids in Future Trunks' Alternate Timeline.[1]


Upon their arrival in Purple City, the Androids begin to destroy everything using Finger Beams, including, according to the Funimation dub, the then-recently restored art district of the city. Future Android 18 steals clothes from a shop and spares the seller. Not knowing this, Future Android 17 kills him, which annoys Future 18. Future 17 then kills humans by hitting them with his hovercar. He launches the vehicle into a gas station, causing a fire, and then leaves the city with his sister. Future Trunks arrives in town after the Androids left, as does Future Gohan.

Future Master Roshi planned to directly confront the Androids after hearing the reports of the carnage at the city (misnamed in the dub as Pepper City), although he reluctantly backed down after Puar, Oolong and Turtle convinced him not to go.



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