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Daiz, a member of the Pukinpa Dynasty

The Pukinpa Dynasty (プキンパ王朝, Pukinpa-ōchō) is the dynasty of warriors on planet Kabocha, to which Daiz was the prince. It was attacked by Turles, and is assumed to have fallen after the attack. Due to his valiant efforts, Daiz was given a position at Turles' side.[1]

Other Dragon Ball Stories

World Mission

Main article: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission In World Mission, Daiz's counterpart Xeno Daiz is a former prince of the Pukinpa Dynasty from the Xeno world timeline. Like his counterpart, Xeno Daiz is a member of Xeno Turles' Crusher Corps.


  • The dynasty's name is a pun on "pumpkin", as planet Kabocha's name is a reference to the Japanese pumpkin.


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