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Pudding (プリン Purin) is a kind of food that can be either a dessert or a Savory dish made on Earth. Though a simple dish by Earth standards, it surprisingly plays a key role in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and the God of Destruction Beerus Saga.

Video Games Appearances

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Chronoa makes some pudding to pacify Beerus after the Future Warrior's battle with the Masked Saiyan and Mira interrupts Beerus' historic battle with Goku. Unfortunately as she is a notoriously terrible cook, the pudding is terrible. It gives Goku stomach cramps while its taste angers Beerus forcing Whis and the Future Warrior to fight Beerus until he calms down. In addition to Chronoa's pudding, Pudding also appears as a food item which the Future Warrior can sell for Zeni, feed to Good Buu, or give to a member of the Majin family.

In FighterZ, if teamed up with Majin Buu, Beerus will tell Buu that helping him this time doesn't mean he has forgiven Buu for the pudding incident on the victory results screen.

In Dragon Ball Online, one of the Jiggler bosses Metal Energy Pudding is named after the dessert.



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