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"T-Takes too much power to hit while I'm freezin' time...!! Gotta.... hide behind the rock... Attack while they're confused!!"
Guldo planning while evading Krillin and Gohan with Psycho Escape in Gurd's Psychic Powers

Psycho Escape is a technique used by Guldo.



Guldo freezing time to escape Gohan & Krillin's energy blasts

The user paralyzes the opponent (or opponents energy waves) with Time Freeze or Telekinesis to evade attacks or to safely retreat from the opponent while they are restrained.


Guldo uses his Time Freeze ability to freeze time in order to evade Krillin and Gohan's energy blasts. After they manage to sense him after he unfreezes time, he is forced to use Time Freeze again to escape the pair and tries to confuse them by hiding behind a rock, but his plan fails as the pair are able to sense his ki, forcing Guldo use his Guldo Special only to be killed by Vegeta.

Video Game Appearances

"Freeze your enemy with telekinesis and run away fast."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse in-game description

Psycho Escape was named in Dragon Ball Xenoverse where it appears as Guldo's Evasive Skill. In the game, telekinesis is used to freeze the opponent in place of Time Freeze (which is considered a form of telekinesis within the game) and it is unable to freeze ki blasts. It can also be obtained by the Future Warrior as a reward in Parallel Quest 12: "Fierce Battle! Ginyu Force".


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