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Psychic Eyes (サイキックアイ Saikikkuai) is a telekinetic technique used by General Blue.


It allows Blue to temporarily paralyze people, so they do not move when he is attacking them. His aura is blue while using it, and his eyes temporarily flash. The effects of the paralysis last so long as Blue maintains significant concentration on his opponent. In addition, if he is to be blinded in any way before he can use the technique, it will not come into effect. In the anime, the technique also has little effect on stronger opponents as seen with Mercenary Tao.

Aside from the obvious paralysis effect from the attack, it could also be used to gain telekinetic control over objects and enhance them to be indestructible to break free from without help, such as ropes.



Krillin paralyzed by General Blue's telekinesis

General Blue uses this technique when fighting Krillin in the Pirate Cave.

He later uses this to pin Goku down and disable his movements, but Goku manages to break free as soon as Blue is distracted by a mouse. General Blue then attempts to use it again shortly afterwards, but Goku pokes him in the eyes with the scissors portion of his Rock, Scissors 'N' Paper attack before Blue could utilize it.

General Blue later effectively uses the technique on Goku in Penguin Village, but he ends up being headbutted by Arale Norimaki before he could harm Goku with his Skewer!. His usage of it during this instance was slightly different, simply emitting a white flash while he smirked at Goku rather than grimacing while concentrating.

General Blue used it against Mercenary Tao, who reveals himself to be mostly unaffected by it by cracking his own neck while Blue was using the technique on him, although he did admit that he felt it and asked Blue what it was (albeit in a more sarcastic manner). It should be noted, however, that Blue only used the technique against Tao in the anime, as in the manga, he was never given the opportunity to use the technique before being killed.

Film Appearances[]

In Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, Lieutenant Blue attempted to use this ability against General Tao, but it ended up being of no use.


  • Two Shot Telekinesis - A variation used to enhance ordinary binding objects to become indestructible short of outside help.

Video Game Appearances[]


Blue uses his "Look into my eyes!" technique in Advanced Adventure

General Blue uses this technique in Dragon Ball 3: Gokuden and Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure. Under the generic name "Telekinesis", it is one of Blue's Blast 1 in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

The technique was named Look into my eyes! in Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo.

In Dragon Ball Heroes, it is an offensive technique called Psychic Eyes.


  • The exact origins of General Blue's psychic eye's ability, and to a lesser extent his Two Shot Telekinesis variant was never revealed, although the English dub for "Penguin Village" implied that it was the result of "mental enhancements" (presumably a super soldier experiment to draw them out).