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"Pseudo Universe" is not this article's official English name, it is used as there is currently no official translation.

The Pseudo Universe (宇宙モドキ)[1] is a New Space-Time (しんくう Shinjikū) created by Fu with help from the Universe Tree, Dark Factor and Dogidogi. It existed alongside the rest of the multiverse and notably possesses traits copied from Universe 7, which it is linked to. The Pseudo Universe was later destroyed after the defeat of Fu.

Due to its unique nature, this universe possessed no God of Destruction, Supreme Kai, or Angel.


Though seemingly devoid of life, the Pseudo-Universe can house new individuals. Crimson-Masked Saiyan explains that through a great buildup of energy, "pseudo-mortals" can be born within the Pseudo-Universe to mirror those in the real Universe 7. What happens to these mortals will end up occurring to those in Universe 7 as well, which Crimson claims will be useful in completing Project Zero Mortals without interference from the deities. The same can be said of the entirety of the Pseudo-Universe, as Xeno Trunks notes when observing Goku's battle with the Frieza Force, during which a Frieza Force ship's laser cuts through a building and causes the same building in Universe 7 to experience the exact same damage. After the defeat of the Crimson-Masked Saiyan, Fu planned on using the Pseudo Universe to reshape Universe 7, to make a new Universe "for the gods". After the defeat of Fu, both the Universe Tree and the Psuedo Universe were destroyed.

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