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"Wow, my gosh! What a change! This has never happened before... huh, wait, it's the legend! Goku must have transformed into a Super Saiyan!"
King Kai in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug

Pseudo Super Saiyan (疑似超サイヤ人 Giji Sūpā Saiya-jin)[1] is a semi-advanced transformation used by Saiyans. It first and only appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug.


Concept and creation[]

When Lord Slug was first released, this form was labeled as and was intended to be the Super Saiyan (スーパーサイヤじん Sūpā Saiya-jin) form, but after a new iteration of the Super Saiyan form was introduced in the Dragon Ball manga, this state was relabeled to "Giji Sūpā Saiya-jin".

The “Particulars Dictionary” section of Daizenshuu 7 notes that Toriyama came up with the idea of having Goku’s hair stand up in his “Pseudo Super Saiyan” form. Toriyama would later incorporate this idea into his finalized version of the transformation for the manga, however he opted to also change the hair color for more practical reasons.



Pseudo Super Saiyan Goku powers up

In this form, the user's irises and pupils are no longer visible. Some of their skeletal muscles bulk up a little, their hair almost straightens, their skin color also appears to have a yellow hue to it, but there is no considerable change in feature other than a red tint to his hair (due to the reflection of the yellow aura on the black hair, the hair is not actually the color red). Whether this is actually part of the form is unknown, as the bodily appearance may be situational due to the dark lighting of the movie's aesthetics. The user gains a yellowish surge of aura largely indistinguishable from a Super Saiyan aura, though with added white waves of ki at times similar to one's base aura.

Usage and Power[]

"He was already beaten, how could this be?"
Lord Slug in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug

Goku is going to win

Pseudo Super Saiyan Goku kicks Lord Slug

This state is achieved when a Saiyan is nearly killed and manages to briefly manifest their Super Saiyan power, and it cannot be accessed at will.

The Pseudo Super Saiyan form gives a large power increase, enough for Goku, who was being easily beaten previously by Slug, to now quickly overwhelm him. However, it is implied by King Kai that even this state would be unable to defeat Great Namekian Slug. During the battle against Lord Slug, Goku's strength began to quickly deteriorate. Having no more options, Goku's anger surged, causing him to gain a massive power increase, manifesting his Super Saiyan powers and making him become like a Super Saiyan, enough to quickly overwhelm Slug.

FSS Double Axe Handle

Pseudo Super Saiyan Goku triumphs over Lord Slug

The form faded after a while; more specifically, Goku seemed to regain his usual self when Slug ripped his arm off and regenerated it. This may suggest Goku was in a seemingly uncontrollable state, as indicated by his pupil-less eyes and his erratic attacks. Due to its power and Goku's behavior, King Kai mistakenly identified it as the actual Super Saiyan form presumably due to it matching the legend.

Similar occurrences[]

Broly with Paragus!

Baby Broly saving his father

Broly displays a similar state in Paragus' first flashback sequence during the movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, in which a teenage Broly is running amok, destroying planets unrestrained. The form's hair stands up on end like Broly's Super Saiyan form and has the same reddish tint to the hair as Goku's Pseudo Super Saiyan form; however, his eyes retain their pupils. Also, Broly exhibited a similar transformation when escaping the destruction of Planet Vegeta due to his eyes going blank.

False vegeta

Vegeta's powers up - resembling a Pseudo Super Saiyan

Vegeta's power up that he uses against both Goku and Frieza in the anime strongly resembles the Pseudo Super Saiyan form. During these instances, he is surrounded by a golden aura, his pupils disappear completely, his hair reflects the gold from his aura, and his ki skyrockets to the point of extreme environmental effects.

There have also been several occurrences of a Saiyan partially manifesting Super Saiyan power, similar to this state.

Video Game Appearances[]

The form appears in the 2017 Dragon Ball Super Card Game as the card "Son Goku, Smashing Limits".


  • The form and certain aspects of the Lord Slug film both seem to have been inspired by Grand Elder Guru's statements about the form in regard to Katas' Super Namekian son as he believed only a Super Saiyan could defeat him, unaware of his Fission into Kami and King Piccolo until he read Krillin's mind. Like the Nameless Namekian, Lord Slug is said to be a Super Namekian and within the film, Goku becomes what King Kai believes to be the Super Saiyan when he is overpowered by the villain.
  • This is one of the few times a transformation is temporary and does not actually play a role in a villain's final defeat.
  • Ironically, the glowing effect of this Super Saiyan transformation seems inverted; it applies to Goku's entire body except his hair.



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