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Prototype Android (げんけいじんぞうにんげん Genkei Jinzōningen) are a type of early model Android created by Dr. Gero and Future Dr. Gero.


Prototype Android take a very basic model, they are completely robotic in appearance and are a white in color (gray and brown as well in DBZ: Sagas). In Dragon Ball Z: Sagas, they nearly match the appearance of the Prototype Android seen in the image above, including the large extended head.


Dragon Ball Z[]

Prototype Androids only make one appearance in the series, which is in a flashback that Future Trunks has about Dr. Gero, showcasing what his laboratory might look like. In his lab, strange robotic humanoids are seen on the wall, which are presumably Prototype Androids.

By the time of the Android conflict, Dr. Gero had apparently destroyed these prototypes along with Android 9, Android 13, Android 14, & Android 15 due to seeing them as obsolete failures.

Techniques and Special Abilities[]

  • Hikou - Used in DBZ: Sagas.

Video Game Appearances[]

DBZ Sagas - Prototype Android

Future Trunks fighting a Prototype Android in DBZ: Sagas

In Sagas, Prototype Androids are antagonists that appear to battle the player. They are the main regular enemies during the chapter that tells Future Trunks' story. They also make an appearance in the early part of "The Androids" chapter and are opponents when the player uses Goku (and Piccolo if there's a second player) to defend the Capsule Corporation building, and later with Vegeta while hunting down Android 20.


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