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The Protective Dome is a bunker designed to withstand Cell's rampage. It was built by the wealthy businessman Mr. Borbonne near Chazke Village to make money from people who will pay to get inside to avoid death from Cell. In reality, the dome is nothing against Cell's strength, as Gohan demonstrates by destroying it with an Energy Wave.


The Protective Dome

Mr. Borbonne makes the villagers work to supply the shelter and often sends his two henchmen, Kasdan and Burdwell, to Chazke Village to ask (notably Mr. Lao) for free food to take to the shelter.

Mr. Borbonne's office

Inside the dome, there is an office for Mr. Borbonne where he keeps a safe containing his money. On one of the walls of Mr. Borbonne's office, there is a valuable cubism painting.

At the shelter's unveiling, Lime plays a trick by claiming that Cell is coming. Mr. Borbonne runs into the shelter and locks himself in, leaving the villagers outside; revealing his cowardice. Humiliated, he demands Mercenary Tao, who was hired by Mr. Borbonne to make an example of the Mr. Lao, but when Tao realizes that Gohan is Goku's son, he gives up without a fight and flies away. With his muscle gone, the village residents intend to take their anger out on Borbonne, only for him to beg Gohan for protection, Gohan then easily destroys the shelter with an energy wave and tells the villagers that Cell is stronger and would have done much worse. Mr. Borbonne confesses and repeals his act to build a bunker, otherwise representing that there is a hope of defeating Cell.


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