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Prometheus (プロメテウス Purometeusu), known as "Director Glover" (グラバー Gurabā) in his disguise, is a character in Jump Force. He poses as the Director of the J-Force before revealing himself as the true main antagonist of the game.[1]


As Director Glover, he takes the form of a bald black man wearing black glasses, a black jacket with various blue belts and a cape, blue gloves, yellow pants, and blue boots.

As Prometheus, he is a blue and gray humanoid with a bald head and red eyes. He has blue wings, and wears sliver bracelets and silver boots.


Glover keeps a friendly but stoic facade, willing to save the world from the merging threat and defeating those who dare try to destroy it. Beneath the disguise he is a destructive, power-hungry figure, trying to fuse every world together to rule them all as their one true god.


Prometheus spends most of the game under the guise of Director Glover, aiding the heroes with their plans. However, after Galena is defeated, Prometheus appears, and decides to not save her despite her servitude. He also reveals himself to be behind the world's merging, and plans to merge every Jump Force world as well as the real world to rule over all. Challenging the player to beat him in a effort to save the world, he is defeated.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Themis (テーミス) - Prometheus creates two orbs that fire lasers at the opponent.
  • Hermes (ヘルメース) - Prometheus surrounds himself in fiery energy and dashes at the opponent.
  • Apollo (アポローン) - Prometheus creates a large ring under the opponent, that erupts into a large fiery tornado.
  • Titanomachy (ティタノマキア) - Prometheus uses the Onyx Book to create a glowing cube around the opponent. If they are caught, the cube lifts into the air, five orbs splitting from the cube and turning into lasers. The lasers circle the cube and circle back into it, combining into a large tornado that becomes a massive laser.

Forms and transformations


Director Glover

In Prometheus' disguised state he is known as Director Glover. He uses this state in order to trick the warriors from the Jump Worlds into working with him.

True Form

Video Game Appearances

Voice Actors



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