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"It's heartbreaking to see a world so scarred. But the purge is necessary. I can see a bright shining future here. Once it's finally freed from the mortals who defile it. Like the barbarous vermin they are. It won't be long until this planet it reborn as a utopia. You mortal menace, my final judgement is now upon you."
Goku Black looking over the chaos in "Rematch with Goku Black! Enter Super Saiyan Rosé"

Project Zero Mortals (人間ゼロ計画 Ningen Zero Keikaku; "Zero Humans Plan"), also called the Zero Mortals Plan, was a plan developed by Zamasu to eliminate all mortals in Future Trunks's timeline and all of existence with it. This resulted in a conflict waged together by Earth's Resistance and later the Dragon Team against Goku Black and later Future Zamasu in the alternate and main timelines, with the Resistance and the Z Fighters preventing the plan from reaching its height but at a great cost. The conflict was ended with an entire alternate timeline being erased, preventing the plan from reaching its full completion.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, however, the project saw continuity when an incarnation of Goku Black was rescued from his fate by Fu, who participated in the Pseudo Universe as the Crimson-Masked Saiyan to see the project to fruition during the events of the New Space-Time War Saga.


The Plan in Concept

Zamasu expressing his inner thoughts on Mortals.

Zamasu always saw a flaw in mortals, even back when he was a Supreme Kai apprentice of Gowasu. He often questioned the worth of mortals, as they often repeat a cycle as Zamasu would interpret as: "They prosper, they war, they fall." In the end, everything always led to chaos and he felt that even the Gods of Destruction aren't doing the necessary action to prevent this. Fortunately, all of this was suppressed until one fateful meeting with the Gods of Universe 7. When this occurred, he first knew of Goku—and met him in the anime—and as a result, Zamasu was left surprised of what mortals could achieve, as he previously scoffed the idea that any mortal would rival the gods. In the anime, Zamasu later developed a hatred and later obsession to Goku for losing to him so pitifully when they sparred. All of this led him down to a conclusion that mortals were too dangerous to be kept alive and that the gods do nothing about them and therefore both must be exterminated for the sake of justice, thus creating the Zero Mortal Plan.

Creation and Arrival of Goku Black

Goku surprised to discover his new body

As the first step of his dark plan, Zamasu killed his master, Gowasu, took his Potara to become an official Supreme Kai, and stole the Time Ring. Learning about the Super Dragon Balls, Zamasu used them to switch bodies with Goku. Zamasu (in Goku's body) traveled to Earth and killed Goku (in Zamasu's body), Chi-Chi and Goten. Using the Time Ring, Zamasu (now Goku Black) traveled from timeline to timeline, and settled on the Alternate Timeline, where the God of Destruction of Universe 7 has died due to the death of the Supreme Kai. He murdered Gowasu in this timeline, and recruits Future Zamasu to be by his side, handing him an earring and dubbing him as the new "Supreme Kai". Together, the Zamases traveled to find the Super Dragon Balls once more to wish for Future Zamasu to have immortality—and ultimately, to destroy all Dragon Balls in existence to prevent their wishes being reverted. The Zamases then traveled to other universes, murdering all Supreme Kais - and by extension, the Gods of Destruction - to make sure no one of their caliber will ever oppose their rule.

The Plan in Action and Resulting Conflict

Goku Black then destroyed countless planets along with countless species. When Goku Black eventually appeared on Earth, he went on a rampage, causing humanity to be on the brink of extinction. He is confronted by Super Saiyan Future Trunks, who is the sole survivor of the Dragon Team in his time, but defeats him without much effort. For a year, Future Trunks fought against and then escaped from Goku Black countless times. Unknown to him in the manga, Goku Black purposely kept him alive to make sure he gets stronger. While trying to save the future, Trunks eventually created a bond with Future Mai along the way, and they both created the Earth's Resistance army.

Returning to the Past

Future Trunks fires a Masenko at Goku Black

Future Trunks is running, trying to hide his ki as he is aware that Goku Black learned how to sense it. He meets with his mother, Future Bulma who somehow managed to conjure up enough fuel for a one-way trip 17 years into the past for the time machine. While they are discussing this, the building they are in is destroyed, and Future Trunks is forced to watch as Future Bulma is mercilessly killed, but not before hearing her last words telling Future Trunks to survive no matter what. He escapes to his home base, where he meets with Future Mai, and tells her about what he witnessed. After the two regroup, they both head to Capsule Corporation, where the time machine is. When they arrive, they are confronted by Goku Black, and Future Trunks engages in battle with him again, but is defeated. Future Mai tells Future Trunks to go to the time machine while she fends off Goku Black, but she is knocked down from a single ki blast.

Believing Future Mai to be dead, Future Trunks angrily transforms into a Super Saiyan and fights Goku Black, but he is once again defeated. Future Trunks manages to distract Goku Black enough to escape in the time machine, narrowly missing an attack from him. Goku Black is surprised to learn that Future Trunks completely vanished, but the Time Ring he is wearing starts to react.

Reuniting with the Z Fighters

Future Trunks returns to the past

Trunks is the first to spot the arrival of Future Trunks' time machine, and he tells Bulma, who informs Goku and Vegeta, who teleport to the site with Beerus and Whis tagging along. After Future Trunks is fed a Senzu Bean, he wakes up but immediately attacks Goku, thinking he is Goku Black. He eventually comes to his senses and is relieved he made it to the past, and he meets with Goku, Vegeta and Bulma, and is formally introduced to Trunks, Beerus, Whis and the Pilaf Gang. Future Trunks explains to Goku and Vegeta that he prevented the conflict of Majin Buu in his timeline, and tells them about Goku Black. Wanting to compare his power to Goku Black's, Goku engages in a sparring match with Future Trunks, surprised at Future Trunks' rapid increase in power. Future Trunks reunites with Krillin and Piccolo.

The Z Fighters meet Goku Black

The Battle of Goku's

In the anime only, Goku Black suddenly appears in the present timeline from a portal created by his Time Ring and engages in battle with Goku, and is proved to be equal to Goku in his Super Saiyan 2 form - though he is noted to not be as strong as he was in Trunks' timeline. During the fight, Goku Black silently notes to himself that he is adapting to Goku's power and fighting style, being able to grow stronger from it. Eventually, the portal that Goku Black traveled through begins to contract, forcing Goku Black to return to the alternate timeline, but not before he destroys Future Trunks' time machine. Future Trunks begins to lose all hope, but it is revealed Bulma kept the old time machine used by Cell, and with the notes and formulas left in a notebook from Future Bulma, she will repair that time machine for Future Trunks to use, and Goku and Vegeta will accompany him in the trip.

Future Trunks' Time in the Present

In the anime, Future Trunks pays a visit to reunite with Gohan, spending time at their house and also meeting Videl, Mr. Satan, and Pan. After eating dinner with them, Future Trunks realizes that after saving the world, Gohan is living the peaceful life that he wanted, and he leaves inspired with a new reason to fight. After a brief talk with Krillin, Future Trunks meets Android 18 for the first time in years, being shocked upon seeing their daughter, Marron for the first time, at first being hostile, but after some convincing, Future Trunks finally puts aside his past differences with the formerly "android" threat.

In the manga, Future Trunks tells the stories of what happened after he destroyed the Future Androids to the Dragon Team. These stories included his encounters with Future Babidi and Future Dabura, his training with Future Shin, as well as how he met Future Mai and how the Goku Black Crisis started. Soon after, Future Trunks plays a go-karting video game with Trunks, Goku, Vegeta, the Pilaf Gang, and Beerus and manages to get first place on the race.

Trip To Universe 10 & Preparations

Zamasu and Gowasu of Universe 10

Whis discovers that there is a being in the multiverse with the same ki signature as Goku Black, and he departs to Universe 10 with Beerus and Goku. The three meet Gowasu, the Supreme Kai of Universe 10 and Zamasu, his apprentice and the owner of the familiar ki signature. Goku engages Zamasu in a brief sparring match, realizing that Zamasu does have similar ki to Goku Black. However, after the three depart, Zamasu slowly begins to descend to a darker path, inheriting a radical sense of belief that Mortals are the source of all evil and that the gods are too ignorant and lazy to notice it.

In the manga, Zamasu meets with the Gods of Universe 7. However, Zamasu instead fights Kibito, in which Zamasu wins. After the sparring match, Zamasu becomes aware of Goku from Shin, who talks briefly of the accomplishments Goku and his team had done to help Shin and his fellow gods. Like in the anime, this caused him to believe that Mortals were the source of all evil, and that they are too dangerous to be kept alive. He also began to hate the gods for not doing anything about them.

Meanwhile, Vegeta decides to train Future Trunks, in the anime showing him the Super Saiyan Blue form. Witnessing the new powers of Goku and Vegeta first-hand, Future Trunks thinks to himself how he no longer has to fight with them supporting him, but is inspired by Vegeta's words and vows to become stronger than him and Goku Black. In the manga, Vegeta trains Future Trunks in the Gravity Room the day after he arrives in the past, while Goku meditates above the pool as Beerus and Whis have some early morning food and drink.

In the manga, Supreme Kai then soon arrives and talks with Beerus, Whis and Goku, with Beerus asking if Supreme Kai knows any god who dislikes humans, and Supreme Kai notes that the only person he can think of is Kibito, arousing Beerus' suspicion and he along with Whis decide to see if Kibito is Goku Black, however Whis is suddenly messaged by the Grand Priest, who tells him that Zeno wants an audience with Goku.

In the anime Beerus and Whis inform Goku that Zeno, the king of all cosmos, requested to see him, and he and Whis head to Zeno's Palace with Shin instantly teleporting them there. Goku meets Zeno, and due to the events (Beerus made Goku swear to keep this a secret) Goku is unable to stay to play with him, so he promises to return when everything is over. In response, Zeno gives Goku a button that Goku can press so that Zeno will instantly teleport to his exact spot.

First Encounter in the Future (anime)

Goku Black's God form, Super Saiyan Rose

Eventually, the time machine is completely restored, and enough fuel was made for a round trip, so Future Trunks uses it to return to the alternate timeline with Goku and Vegeta accompanying him. Goku and Vegeta meet Future Mai, the members of Earth's resistance, and the surviving refugees. After feeding them a large banquet from a capsule prepared by Bulma, the three Saiyans head to confront Goku Black, signaling him with a ki blast. Vegeta fights Goku Black first as a Super Saiyan Blue, but Goku Black is shown to have gotten much stronger after fighting Goku and adapting to his power. After Goku Black reveals his new Super Saiyan Rosé transformation, he easily defeats Vegeta and pressures Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form. The Saiyans are also shocked at the arrival of Zamasu, and Goku and Future Trunks fight an intense battle against the two of them, only to be eventually defeated. The three Saiyans are saved by Earth's Resistance, and Future Mai sends them back to the past in the time machine, where they collapse beaten and unconscious.

First Encounter in the Future (manga)

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta vs Super Saiyan Goku Black

Once Future Trunks felt ready to return to the future, Trunks uses his time machine to return to his timeline, with Goku and Vegeta along for the ride. When they traveled back to the timeline. Future Trunks manages to find Future Mai where he last saw her with the help of Future Scratch. Realizing Mai's alive, Future Trunks manages to save her with a chewed up Senzu Bean. However, unknown to any of them, it was mainly because of Future Trunks' healing powers he received after being officially appointed as a Supreme Kai apprentice. After this, Goku and Vegeta head to confront Goku Black. Vegeta decides to fight Goku Black first as a Super Saiyan 2. Black then transforms into his own Super Saiyan form, surprising Goku and Vegeta. Goku Black and Vegeta then have a brief clash of punches, with Vegeta gaining the edge over Black. Vegeta then transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and encourages Black to do the same, however Black states he cannot use the godly form and after saying so Vegeta brutally beats Goku Black to near death until the timely save of Future Zamasu, shocking everyone.

Goku Black transforming into Super Saiyan Rosé.

Future Zamasu immediately heals Goku Black, and when doing so Black proceeded to fight with Vegeta once more until eventually, he manages to transform into Super Saiyan Rosé. In this new form, Goku Black overwhelms Vegeta and manages to revert Vegeta to his base form with just one heavy finish to the stomach. Meanwhile, Goku fights against Future Zamasu, in which Goku overpowers the latter. However, these attacks have no effect to Future Zamasu, due to his immortality. And so, he manages to destroy Goku's bag of Senzu Beans and sends him back with telekinesis. Seriously injured and outmatched by the Zamases, Future Trunks decides they have to flee, and distracts the Zamases with the Solar Flare. As Goku and Vegeta managed to reach the Time Machine, Goku Black and Future Zamasu get closer and closer to them until Future Trunks and Future Mai distract the duo, holding them off until Goku and Vegeta find a plan.

Recuperation and Return to Universe 10

Zamasu before being destroyed

Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks recover, having been fed some [Senzu Beans. They talk about how strong Goku Black and Future Zamasu are, also flustered over Future Zamasu's immortality. Telling this story to Beerus and Whis, they decide to check and see if Gowasu in their present timeline has been killed yet, and Goku and Shin go with them. Upon checking that nothing is out of the ordinary (even though Beerus and Whis clearly sense Zamasu's killing intent), they leave, but begin to eavesdrop on the two. They eventually witness Zamasu killing Gowasu, but Whis intervenes with his Temporal Do-Over to go back in time, and preventing Zamasu from killing Gowasu just in time. Zamasu's true intentions are revealed, and Beerus destroys him. With Zamasu's death, he ensures Future Trunks that the future is now at peace, explaining that a God killing another God will restore the order in time.

Beerus destroys Zamasu.

In the manga, the destruction of Zamasu occurred while Goku and Vegeta were fighting against Goku Black and Future Zamasu. Unlike their strategy in the anime, Beerus and Whis went in straight away to question Zamasu on why he visited Zuno: stalling until Shin finds what Zamasu's future is. Discovering that it was just as the Universe 7 gods feared, Shin arrived to Gowasu's house and told Gowasu everything. With nothing to hide, Zamasu arrogantly admits his intentions on executing the Zero Mortal Plan. In order to make sure the Zero Mortal Plan will be carried out with no opposition, as well as being cornered by the Universe 7 Gods, Zamasu attempted to kill Beerus. However, Beerus blocks Zamasu's attack and destroys him, splitting the timeline in two.

Second Encounter in the Future (anime)

Super Saiyan Rage Future Trunks

Future Trunks remains skeptical, and goes back to the future to check with Goku, Vegeta and Bulma going with him. They immediately realize the future did not change, confirming this when things are still in ruins as they left it, and Future Zamasu and Goku Black still remain at large. The two groups confront and fight each other, with Goku Black and Future Zamasu constantly defeating and pushing back the Saiyans. Goku Black reveals his true past as Zamasu, and when he talked about killing Goku's family, Goku's rage allowed him to overpower both opponents himself, but he is soundly defeated by a powered-up Goku Black. With the Saiyans cornered, Future Zamasu and Goku Black talk about Future Trunks sinning and causing every one of these events to happen by traveling back and forth in time and changing history, blaming everything that happened on him. Future Trunks is greatly angered by these words, and transforms into a new Super Saiyan form never seen before. In this new form, Future Trunks is able to fight on par with both Goku Black and Future Zamasu, as he holds them back as Goku, Vegeta and Bulma return to the past to figure out a plan to win. Piccolo suggests the Evil Containment Wave, and Goku is taught the technique by Master Roshi and practices it on Turtle, as Vegeta trains in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for half a day (approximately six months in the Chamber), waiting on the time machine to re-charge.

Completion of the Zero Mortal Plan in Future Trunks' timeline (manga)

Gowasu and Shin rescue Future Mai and Future Trunks.

In the manga, Goku and Vegeta - without Future Trunks - came back to the present: recovered once fed some Senzu Beans. With Bulma, the two Saiyans devised a plan: Goku will learn and master the Evil Containment Wave from Master Roshi while Vegeta will train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Back in the alternate future, Goku Black pummels Future Trunks, enraged that the latter helped Goku and Vegeta escape. Despite some help from Future Mai, Trunks is no match for Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black. With Future Zamasu recovered from Future Trunks' attack on him earlier and Future Trunks nearly defeated by the Saiyan Supreme Kai, Gowasu and Shin suddenly show up to rescue Mai and Trunks, much to Goku Black's and Future Zamasu's surprise. Before they could do anything, the Present Supreme Kais left, leaving the Zamases shocked.

Goku Black and Future Zamasu exterminate the rest of humanity.

A few moments after they were gone, Goku Black and Future Zamasu deduce that these Supreme Kais must've been from the past and soon arrive back to their house. With these Supreme Kais still at large, Future Zamasu is afraid that they might report to the Omni-King, and if they do will ultimately ruin their Zero Mortal Plan. Goku Black then tells Future Zamasu it is time, to leave this timeline and lay low until they could search for another one, thus drawing their plan even closer to its completion. However, before they leave, the Zamases agree that they will complete the plan on this timeline: by killing any remaining humans they could find.

Black stabs Gowasu

Shin and Gowasu arrive in the Sacred World of the Kai, albeit in the alternate timeline, with Future Trunks and Future Mai so they could rest. The next morning, Gowasu and Shin sense all of the Mortal' energy waning before them, and Gowasu ultimately decides that he must reconcile with Zamasu; as he believes that all of the horrible events from Zero Mortal Plan conflict has been his fault because he decided to train Zamasu to become the next Supreme Kai. Despite Shin's chagrin, Gowasu leaves anyway. This was to no avail, as despite the best efforts to convince Zamasu to put an end to the Zero Mortal Plan, Zamasu believes that it is too late to come back, as the Zero Mortal Plan is still in the end the right thing to do and is currently in motion. With Zamasu's argument made clear, he ultimately stabs his former master, to the surprise and grief of Shin - who brought Future Trunks and Future Mai along to fight Future Zamasu. This was all for naught, Future Zamasu easily bests Shin and Zamasu beats Future Trunks once more, nearly choking him to death.

Final Encounter in the Future (anime)

After his training, Vegeta overwhelms Goku Black.

Meanwhile, Future Trunks was beaten by Goku Black and Future Zamasu, only surviving because of Future Yajirobe giving him a Senzu Bean. He also informed him of Future Mai's plan to assassinate Goku Black, which she tried to accomplish with an energy bullet loaded into a sniper rifle. However, this plan failed, and she was saved by Future Trunks, who once again confronted the two. After a brief fight, Future Trunks is stabbed from behind by Goku Black and fell to the ground defeated. At the same time, Goku, Vegeta and Bulma returned in the time machine, and Goku Black and Future Zamasu immediately confronted the Saiyans. The two parties' battle was prematurely interrupted by the arrival of Gowasu, the Supreme Kai of universe 10 and Shin, the Supreme Kai of universe 7 for a confrontation with the two Zamasu's for their terrible acts, who insisted on staying to watch Zamasu fall. The rematch went underway, and with Vegeta's newfound strength due to his training in the Time Chamber, he was able to quickly gain the upper hand on Goku Black and force him on the defensive, with Goku preventing Future Zamasu from helping his partner.

The birth of Fused Zamasu

Afterwards, Black surrounds Goku and Vegeta with clones created through a rift with a slash from his Scythe, blocking Goku's usage of Instant Transmission and preventing them from chasing after Zamasu who went after Trunks and the others. Arriving at his destination, Zamasu is confronted by Bulma who buys enough time for Trunks so he could master the Evil Containment Wave. Eventually, Trunks succeeds in sealing Zamasu, but the seal couldn't be completed as Goku forgot the talisman at Master Roshi's house. Future Zamasu managed to get out of the vase barely breathing. Noticing his Ki is getting weaker, Black teleports himself to Zamasu with Goku doing the same thing teleporting himself with Vegeta to where Trunks was.Future Zamasu warns his partner as they can not afford to be careless. Future Zamasu puts his Potara earring in his right ear and the two fuse together to create Fused Zamasu.

Final Encounter in the Future (manga)

Vegeta's rematch with Goku Black.

Fused Zamasu is born.

Back in the present, Goku finally masters the Evil Containment Wave and Vegeta completes his training. As both Saiyans prepare their belongings and get ready, they then head back to the future for their final battle. When they get to the future Vegeta sees Trunks being choked by Black and challenges the Saiyan Supreme Kai. Goku helps the injured get to safety, including a mortally wounded Gowasu - who actually survived Black's attack. Goku Black then asks Vegeta what kind of training he went through. Vegeta then turns Super Saiyan God against Black while Black turn Rose. Vegeta starts to overpower Black much to the Gods surprise. Goku then explains how Vegeta is getting the upper hand on Black. Vegeta switches from God to Blue in the instant he attacks, this allows him to conserve stamina. Future Zamasu then blindsides Vegeta, when Goku saw Zamasu he used this chance to fight him. When Goku and Zamasu have a stand down, Goku turns Blue and uses the Evil Containment Wave on Zamasu. When Zamasu is sealed, it turns out he forgot the seal and Zamasu escapes. Goku then turns Super Saiyan God and overpowers Zamasu easily. With Black and Zamasu backed into a corner, Zamasu starts to break down, as if Black isn't the strongest their plan will now be ruined. However, Goku Black reminds Future Zamasu of their last resort. Realizing what it is, Goku tries to stop but despite his efforts, they fused into a powerful being known as Fused Zamasu.

Battling Fused Zamasu (anime)

Father-Son Galick Gun

Goku and Vegeta engage Fused Zamasu in battle, but they are quickly overwhelmed by the latter's power, overpowering them with his Absolute Lightning and Blades of Judgement. Zamasu then continues his rampage causing destruction around the whole planet. Future Trunks arrives and engages Zamasu in a battle, Zamasu uses his Holy Wrath while Trunks uses his Galick Gun to counter it. Vegeta assists his son and uses his own Galick Gun and the two perform a Father-Son Galick Gun that manages to overpower Zamasu's attack. However, Zamasu remains unscathed thanks to his immortality, and fires a Lightning of Absolution at Trunks but Vegeta shields his son from the latter's attack critically injuring him. Goku then appears and clashes against Zamasu's Holy Wrath with his God Kamehameha. Eventually, a full power Kamehameha manages also to overpower Zamasu's attack with the right half of Zamasu's body turning purple. Goku uses Kaio-Ken for a brief moment to land a powerful kick at Zamasu destroying his Halo of light. The attack angers Zamasu and pushed him to transform into an Ugly Form, powering him up further. With no other choices left, Goku suggests to Vegeta to fuse with Potara, much to the latter's shock. After Gowasu told the two Saiyans that non-Supreme Kai users can stay fused for about one hour, Vegeta reluctantly accepts the proposition and the two fuse into Vegito.

Vegito Blue overpowers Fused Zamasu.

Fused Zamasu is defeated by Future Trunks.

Vegito immediately transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and engage Zamasu in batlle. Eventually, Vegito manages to easily dominate the half Immortal God due to Goku Black's mortal body interacting with Future Zamasu's immortal body which pushed Zamasu's body to transform into an unstable form, but was unable to land the finishing blow due to the immense power of Super Saiyan Blue which shortens the Fusion's time limit and Vegito defuses into Goku and Vegeta. Zamasu uses the opportunity to strike them down and was about to finish them off until the two are being saved by Future Trunks. Future Trunks engages Zamasu in a sword battle, and a hopeful Trunks unconsciously gathers Ki from every human left on earth creating a look alike Spirit Bomb. Trunks absorbs it into ki Sword enhancing its power with Goku and Vegeta sharing their remaining ki with Trunks powering him up further. Eventually, a powered up Trunks with the earthling's hope manages to defeat Zamasu slicing him in half, obliterating his body.

After Future Zeno obliterates Fused Zamasu and the multiverse.

Shortly after Zamasu's defeat at the hands of Future Trunks, he becomes a reality-encompassing entity. Continuing his plans to exterminate all life, mortal and god; he takes over the entire future world, and the combined efforts of a weakened Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks cannot damage him at all. Zamasu's will begins taking over the entire universe as he becomes justice himself, with his will also affecting the present timeline, planning to travel there and destroy every mortal and god there as well. The entirety of humanity is destroyed by Zamasu, with only the main group being spared. Goku realizes he still has Zeno's Button, and presses it, and Future Zeno arrives, not knowing who Goku is or what's going on. As he finds Zamasu annoying, Future Zeno destroys him along with the multiverse, but not before the group retreats to the present timeline. This prevented the plan to reach its full potential, as he planned to wreak havoc in all the timelines. With Zamasu's reign and the Zero Mortal Plan gone for good, Future Trunks and Future Mai eventually return to a different point in the future before Zamasu's corruption, as Whis will make sure the future Beerus eliminates the Future Zamasu before anything happens. Due to Goku's actions, Zeno and Future Zeno meet and become friends. As Future Trunks and Future Mai leave for the future, they say goodbye to everyone, including Gohan.

Battling Fused Zamasu (manga)

Fused Zamasu chokes Goku and Vegeta.

Fused Zamasu then attacks Goku and Vegeta at blinding speed causing major damage. Zamasu is amazed by the power he gained. Vegeta then goes Super Saiyan Blue and charges at Zamasu but is easily swat down by Zamasu. Goku then goes Blue and charges at Zamasu but then is easily swat down by Zamasu as well. Goku continues to attack with Zamasu repealing all his attacks. Zamasu then uses telekinesis to choke Goku and Vegeta and blasts them away. Zamasu then uses a Human Extinction Attack to kill anything in site. Luckily for the two Saiyans, they recovered just in time to dodge the attack. To combat Zamasu, Shin suggests they should fuse. However, Goku and Vegeta disagree and Goku decides he should fight him with his own strength. This was a poor decision however, as Fused Zamasu pummels Goku with Katchin from his use of Magic Materialization. Eventually, Gowasu convinces Vegeta to fuse with Goku. As Fused Zamasu was about to fire a Holy Light Grenade, Goku and Vegeta fuse into Vegito once again and blows Fused Zamasu's arm off.

Vegito vs Fused Zamasu

Vegito confronts Zamasu informing him that one hour his fusion will wear off to his surprise and anger. However, he declares he'll use that time to eradicate them as they start to fight with Vegito gaining the upper hand. Vegito then charges a Final Kamehameha but before he could fire it, he defuses back into Goku and Vegeta. Zamasu easily beats them. With Goku and Vegeta on the ground, Zamasu wastes no time beating them to a pulp. Future Trunks then steps in and saves Vegeta from Zamasu while Goku is still being beaten by Zamasu. Trunks then offers to heal Vegeta but Vegeta tells Trunks to heal Goku not him.

Completed Super Saiyan Blue Goku vs Fused Zamasu

After saving Goku from Zamasu, Trunks restores Goku to full strength. Goku then confronts Zamasu and displays a mastered version of the Super Saiyan Blue form to combat Zamasu. With this form Goku fought on par with Zamasu but with every attack Goku felt pain. Goku then focuses all of his Blue power into his hand and then uses an imitation of the Hakai technique. As Zamasu's body disintegrates, he then pulls Mai and uses her as a shield. This caused Goku to stop attacking, allowing Zamasu to attack Goku.

Fused Zamasu defuses

At that moment though, Fused Zamasu started to defuse back to Black and Zamasu. However, due to both fusees being one and the same, they have fused on the cellular level. Trunks then cuts Zamasu in half causing them to defuse completely. He then stabs Black. However, Black attacks Trunks and pulls the sword out of his chest. He then transforms into Fused Zamasu much to everyone's surprise. Future Zamasu then does the same thing. Both Fused Zamases start batting Goku around with ease. Vegeta then goes Super Saiyan Blue and uses his most powerful attack, Gamma Burst Flash, blasting both Zamases into pieces. However, the pieces regenerate forming an army of Zamases.

Zeno and Future Zeno meet and become friends.

The Dragon Team having a dinner party with Future Trunks and Future Mai before they left for the future.

Both Gowasu and Shin then tell everyone to retreat to the past for now. They get to the time machine and set it to the present timeline. The Zamasu army follow them and vow to follow them to the past. They then claim that they have a time machine of their own from Universe 12 so they could travel to the past. Goku and Vegeta then decide to stay and make their final stand here. Goku then searches his pockets for anymore Senzu Beans and finds the button that Zeno gave him. He then calls Future Zeno who erases Zamasu and the entire future multiverse from existence. With Zamasu's reign and the Project Zero Mortals gone for good, Future Trunks and Future Mai leave to another timeline, to a time before Future Shin dies in order to stop Future Babidi and Future Dabura from killing him in that timeline. Whis travels to that timeline to warn the Beerus of said timeline of Zamasu's plan, ensuring his death before the plan could even begin. Thus, Zamasu does not become Black and would not seek this timeline to act upon the Zero Mortal Plan since Future Beerus would not die since Future Shin is still alive. Despite the offers to stay in the main timeline, Future Trunks and Future Mai would still rather stay at a place they would call home. Before they left with the time machine, Goku used the time machine to bring Future Zeno to the main timeline to meet Present Zeno, and they end up being good friends. Once that was out of the way, Future Trunks and Future Mai say goodbye to everyone as they leave for the other alternate future, however excluding Gohan and Piccolo.


Since Zamasu's destruction, Beerus started to threaten the Dragon Team with his technique more than ever, now that they know the true capabilities of a God of Destruction. Future Zeno and Zeno ended up being good friends and Future Zeno grew to like Goku after these events. The Omni-Kings would often do everything together, and Future Zeno enjoyed everything in his stay in the main timeline, including the Tournament of Power. Despite the hardship of this event, most of the Dragon Team returned to their normal lives with Future Trunks and Future Mai currently living in another timeline created by Whis in the anime or by Future Trunks himself in the manga.

Zero Mortals Plan Strikes Back

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Goku Black survived thanks to the intervention of the scientist Fu, who told him of his doomed fate. Invigorated to avoid his demise, Black underwent a disguise as the Crimson-Masked Saiyan and sought out battles with Gokus across several timelines, defeating them in order to completely and utterly master his own stolen body. When Fu was trapped in the Time Labyrinth, Crimson entered the Pseudo Universe to continue Project Zero Mortals there without interference. At some point, he became aware of the connection between the false and the real Universe 7 and began planning to generate large amounts of battle energy to create false mortals with, who he would then kill to eliminate the actual mortals of Universe 7. To that end, he deliberately pitted warriors who had also entered the Pseudo Universe against each other.

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Goku and company head to cavern where they meet up with Gohan, Krillin, Android 18 and Android 17. Vegeta asks Cell why he is here and as it turns out, he was brought back from Hell by Shroom who arrives with Salsa and Putine. Shroom explains that Cell is helping them to stop the Crimson-Masked Saiyan who seeks to destroy all mortal kind. Vegeta mistrusts Cell with the bio-android saying that he has no intention of helping beyond the current problem. However in his mind, Cell knows that he will not return to Hell so easily after being there for so long. Unknown to Cell, Hearts reads his mind though decides to keep his intentions between themselves.

Knowing that they must stop the Crimson-Masked Saiyan, Gohan asks his father about Ultra Instinct though Goku says that he has not yet mastered the ability. Vegeta too has not yet mastered his new found power. Shroom offers to help the two master their power and along with Salsa and Putine, they create a beam of light that leads to a place similar to that of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber but with additional phantoms made up on enemies they have previously encountered. Goku and Vegeta head into the light where they are transported elsewhere and quickly find themselves surrounded.

In West City, the Crimson-Masked Saiyan states that soon all mortals from the Pseudo Universe and thus the original universe will disappear. He is suddenly ambushed by the Warrior in Black. The villain transforms into Super Saiyan Rosé 2 to continue the battle and the Warrior in Black transforms into a Super Saiyan baring a striking resemblance to that of Goku. Shocked, the Crimson-Masked Saiyan asks him who he is though the Warrior in Black simply says that he threw away such things as his name and charges into battle.

Back at the cavern, Gohan and the others sense the current battle at hand and Hearts suggests that they go and help, however, Dr. W has also appeared along with Bojack and Super 17 and vows to wipe the group out. Dr. W then announces his identity as Dr. Wheelo as he enters into his true form. Gohan decides to take him on but is struck clear through the cavern. Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan to stay in the fight while the scene cuts to the continued battle between the Crimson-Masked Saiyan and the Warrior in Black.

The two battle with the Crimson-Masked Saiyan appearing to have the upper hand. He decides to take it up on a notch into Super Saiyan Rosé 3 and with a single mighty energy blast, he takes his opponent down. The Warrior in Black struggles to get up as the Crimson-Masked Saiyan goes in for the kill but before he is able, Goku and Vegeta re-emerge just as Gohan ends his battle with Dr. Wheelo in victory. The Saiyan duo quickly travel to West City with Goku in his Perfected Ultra Instinct state and Vegeta in his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Controlled Berserk) state.

Video Game Appearances

As part of the Super Pack 4 DLC, an altered timeline of the Zero Mortal Plan appears as part of the Warrior of Hope Saga in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.


  • This saga marks the first meeting between Future Trunks and present Trunks since the present Trunks was a baby from the Cell Games Saga.
  • Although the manga[1] and to a lesser extent anime for Super implied that Future Zeno held enough disgust for Project Zero Mortals that he erased the future timeline because of it (and in the former, that Future Zamasu and Goku Black considered retreating before the inevitable occurred and intended to leave the other behind), the Zenos ironically came up with a similar plan to Project Zero Mortals for the Tournament of Power where he was to erase eight more universes.

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