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The Princess of the Flower Country (華の国の姫さま ka no kuni no hime-sama) is a character in Dragon Boy, Akira Toriyama's prototype work for Dragon Ball.


The princess has dark brown hair, worn in a ponytail, peach skin and hazel eyes. Her outfit consists of a traditional white Chinese dress with a frilly, red, flower-based design and white pants.

Her appearance is greatly inspired by that of an ancient Chinese princess, as she is based on a character from a Chinese book who wears Chinese clothes in a world based in ancient China.


Much like early-Dragon Ball Bulma, the princess is extremely selfish and temperamental, ill-mannered towards anyone when things don't go her way.


She was sent to go make a peace treaty with a rivaling country and in the way meet Tangtong, whom she has the displeasure of being the first woman he had ever seen, during this trip she decides to adventure with Tangtong to get to her location with Tangtong as her escort, much like the character she would eventually become.

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