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"Piccolo and Krillin's fused form. He's always energetic, tends to get carried away, and uses weird special poses. He really is strong, though!"
Dragon Ball Fusions

Prilin (ピリリン Piririn) is a goof and hypothetical fusion between Krillin and Piccolo. This what-if fusion character first appeared in the 13th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump. He is alternatively named Piccilin in the collectible card game.



Piccolo and Krillin demonstrating the fusion dance to Trunks and Goten

Since Krillin and Piccolo are seen to perform the Fusion Dance as a demonstration for Goten and Trunks, Akira Toriyama drew a hypothetical fusion between the two characters as a goof. This fusion was simply a drawing and never made it to the manga or the anime. Part of the reason is suggested to be that Piccolo and Krillin's bodies are not similar enough to actually create a fusion through this technique, and that him being created through the Potara would be more likely.

Like all Metamoran fusions, Krillin and Piccolo's fusion possesses the clothes of the Metamorans. This consists of a black vest and baggy white pants. Prilin is seen to have Krillin's short stature with Piccolo's eyes, skin color and pointy ears. Like Krillin, he also is seen with no nose and six incense burns on his forehead. Prilin's abilities and powers are unknown, and have never been elaborated on at the time of his reveal, but his abilities were shown in Dragon Ball Fusions.

Techniques and Special Abilities

Video Game Appearances

DB Fusions Metamoran Fusion Prilin (Piccolo + Krillin)

Prilin from Dragon Ball Fusions

In the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game, the “Fusion Frenzy” pack features a Piccolo/Krillin fusion card named Piccillin.

Prillin makes his video game debut in Dragon Ball Fusions, alongside his EX-Fusion counterpart, EX Prilin.


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