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The Pride Troopers (プライドトルーパーズ Puraido Torūpāsu) are a very powerful superhero team who operate in Universe 11. They are led by Jiren.[1] The Pride Troopers work under their God of Destruction Belmod,[2] and thus can be classified as agents of destruction.

The most elite Pride Troopers made up Team Universe 11 during the Tournament of Power.


The base of the Pride Troopers is on an unknown planet in Universe 11. The Pride Troopers were originally just a motley crew of people with different ideologies and backgrounds, though they grouped together due to all being on the side of justice. When evil attacks, the Pride Troopers are called out to travel to the planet and eliminate any threats. The team seemingly has at least several bases among the galaxy, including one on the planet Netfiss.


When Team Universe 11 lost in the Tournament of Power, the Pride Troopers were erased with the rest of Universe 11. They were later revived when the erased universes were restored.

In the Universal Conflict Saga, the Pride Troopers defended Universe 11 against the Core Area Warriors.

Team attacks


Dragon Ball Super
  • Top, Kahseral, and Dyspo vs. a Dorakiyan and Araghne (Anime only)
  • Top, Jiren, Dyspo, K'nsi, Tupper, Zoire, Vewon, Cocotte, and Kahseral vs. Choki and his spawn (Manga only)

Video Games Appearances

"A custom uniform worn only by the Pride Troopers, heroes sworn to protect Universe 11."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Pride Trooper Uniform description

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Extra Pack 2 DLC, the Future Warrior can obtain a Pride Trooper Uniform as an unlockable outfit. Both Top's Mustache and the Pride Trooper Uniform can be obtained as random rewards in New Parallel Quest 114: "The Majin Revival Plan" which appears as part of the Extra Pack 1 DLC.


  • The Pride Troopers uniform is a red and black colored spandex. Likewise, their members seem to also have a red aura.
  • They can be considered the counterpart of Universe 7's Galactic Patrol.
  • They are also like a good counterpart to the Ginyu Force, being a team of superheroes inspired by Super Sentai teams.
    • The Tournament of Power heavily reinforces this reference. When the entire team posed, this caused a multicolored explosion behind them, a common trope in the super sentai genre.
    • When "episode 101" aired in Japan, "Ginyu Force" became a trending topic more than "Dragon Ball Super" on Twitter in Japanese as audiences clearly associated Ginyu Force and Pride Troopers.
  • They are named after kitchen tools.
  • The name of Planet Netfiss, one of the team's bases, seemingly comes from fitness.


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