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"Premonitions of War" (だいせんそうかん Dai-Sensō no Yokan, lit. "Premonitions of a Great War") is the seventy sixth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two-hundred-seventieth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The shows Goku bruised and bloodied, and with his traditional martial arts uniform torn and shredded.


Bulma, eating in their hideout, complains about how Gohan and Krillin have left her alone. The two fly towards Grand Elder Guru's house, though at a low speed so Vegeta will not sense their energy. Krillin states his confidence that they can handle Vegeta together once Gohan's power has been unlocked. Vegeta returns to where he hid his Dragon Balls, and decides that hiding them is useless if Gohan and Krillin can detect them. He resolves to take the two of them out.

Meanwhile, aboard his spaceship, Goku is now training at 100 times normal gravity. He trains using Ki Blasts before collapsing in exhaustion. He manages to eat a Senzu Bean and gets right back to work. By the next day, 100G is barely challenging him anymore, and he decides that his training is complete. Turning the gravity back down to normal to readjust, he finds his speed drastically improved, and thinks that he could handle a Kaio-ken x10. He then bathes and goes to sleep and his ship speeds onward.

On his spaceship, Frieza concludes that Zarbon has either been killed or run away, and laments not calling the Ginyu Force earlier. He also concludes that Vegeta has not yet gathered all seven Dragon Balls. Krillin and Gohan have stopped to have a snack, and Krillin is confident that they can pick up their speed as they are now far away from Vegeta. However, Krillin's confidence is misplaced, as Vegeta quickly detects the pair.





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