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Prelude to Vengeance (天津飯の決意!! Tenshinhan no Ketsui!!) is the seventeenth episode of the King Piccolo Saga and the one hundred eighteenth episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on July 6, 1988.



The Gang at Kame House

King Piccolo keeps the world at suspense, as he chooses a target sector to annihilate. Yajirobe has a rough landing, having fell right through a Nimbus Cloud from atop Korin Tower. King Piccolo chooses to destroy Sector 29, which is none other than Bulma's homeland, West City. The entire city tries to evacuate in a frenzy, including Bulma's parents. A team of convicts storm the Kame House, but Yamcha and Launch beat them.

Tien Shinhan arrives at the King Castle just as King Piccolo is about to depart. Before Tien can start his plan, King Piccolo creates a new warrior called Drum.



Cameos of characters from the one-shot Escape



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