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"This technique depends on the race of the character using it. It will cause a Namekian's arms to stretch, grab the opponent, and deliver a combo attack. Other races will charge forward and grab the opponent."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Tutorial description

Power of Darkness (パワーオブダークネス Pawāobudākunesu) is a Rush Attack used by Lord Slug in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug.


Slug grabs Goku by the throat

Lord Slug knocks his opponent into the air. Then he grabs them lying on the ground by the throat and attacks with a series of punches and knee strikes. Finally, Slug knocks the opponent with a powerful punch.


After swatting away Krillin, Lord Slug uses the Power of Darkness to dominate Goku in the movie, but Goku transforms into the Pseudo Super Saiyan form and beats Slug down, breaking Slug's left arm.


  • Darkness Rush (Melee) - An alternate version of the technique used by non-Namekian characters in Xenoverse 2. This version of the technique replaces the Mystic Attack grab will a forward charge grab.

Video Game Appearances

Lord Slug's powerful punch

It is Lord Slug's Ultimate Blast in his base form in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2: Slug knocks his opponent into the air and uses the Mystic Attack to grab them, then he attacks them with a series of punches and finally knocks the opponent down. This attack was changed in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3: Slug knees the opponent in the air allowing the opponent to fall to the ground, next he grabs the motionless opponent by the throat, knocking him away with three punches, and finally Lord Slug grabs the opponent with his Mystic Attack and punches the opponent in the air, following by shooting the Darkness Eye Beam.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, it appears under the name Darkness Rush (Ranged) (ダークネスラッシュ(遠)) to differentiate it from its variation Darkness Rush (Melee). The Ranged version is based on Slug's use of the technique and is exclusive to Namekians as well as Lord Slug himself, while the Melee version is available for all other races. The Future Warrior can learn both versions by completing School Quest: "Lesson 3" of Slug's Training, however can only use version that corresponds to their selected race. Interestingly, Majin characters use the Melee version despite their ability to use the Mystic Attack, though it may be due to the fact that Slug may be using the Namekian exclusive version of Mystic Attack called Namek Finger when performing this technique in Xenoverse 2.



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