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"Oh, that's no toothpick; that's my Power Pole! Cool, huh? My grandpa gave it to me before he died."
— "The Ox King on Fire Mountain"

The Power Pole (如意棒 Nyoibō, lit. "Compliant Pole", or more correctly "Staff That Obeys One's Will") is a magical, length-changing staff that is owned and wielded by Goku for most of the Dragon Ball series. Before Master Roshi gave the Power Pole to Grandpa Gohan (who later gave it to Goku prior to the start of Dragon Ball), it was owned by Korin. Although Goku uses it primarily as a weapon, its true purpose is to use its size-changing ability to travel from Korin Tower to The Lookout.

Creation and concept

Like the Flying Nimbus, the Power Pole is both based off and directly named after one of the original Sun Wukong/Son Goku's possessions in the Chinese novel Journey to the West, the Ruyi Jingu Bang/Nyoi Kinko Bō (如意金箍棒 lit. Compliant Gold Rim Pole); the latter is via part of the weapon's full name in Asian languages.

In both depictions, the weapon is a pole that can change size when the user wills it; however, the original Wukong/Goku's cudgel is coated with a black iron known as "crow iron", and thus is extremely heavy with its weight being over 8.5 metric tons, as well as having gold rims as per its full name unlike the Dragon Ball adaptation of the staff.

Starting with Dragon Ball however, many popular depictions of the pole give it a red-colored base while keeping its gold rims (though the red base is predated in adaptations such as children's books and/or Wan Brothers' Havoc in Heaven animated film). The composition and weight of the staff allowed Wukong/Goku to wield it with ease, since his strength was too great to handle other prior weapons without breaking them.

Much like how it's used to connect from one location to another, the stick was originally a measuring rod used by Da Yu of the Xin Dynasty in order to measure the depth of the flooding waters. Eventually within the Eastern Sea, it became its sea needle before Sun Wukong was presented with it and thus he removed it from its base, causing the whole sea to shake.

The original Sun Wukong/Son Goku shrunk it into a very small size in order kept it inside of his ear when not in use. Some adaptations of the Journey to the West often show the staff to act as if it was alive, sometimes bending and moving on its own.



Grandpa Gohan gives Goku the Power Pole

The Power Pole is first seen in Chapter 1 of the Dragon Ball manga and is used to inspect Bulma and her capsule vehicles. Goku stated that it was given to him by his deceased grandfather, Gohan. Korin mentioned in the episode "Lost and Found" that he had given the Pole to Master Roshi when he had climbed Korin Tower, on his request. Korin did not think anyone else would be qualified to use the weapon; though restrictions to wield the pole are unknown. Master Roshi likely gave it to Grandpa Gohan before it was handed down to his adopted grandson Goku.

Power pole use

The main purpose of the Power Pole

The purpose of the Power Pole is to climb from Korin Tower to The Lookout above the clouds. As seen in the chapter "Carrot Top" and the episode "Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch", the Power Pole is capable of extending to the moon if its user wills it. More precisely, if the distance between Earth and the Moon in Dragon Ball is meant to reflect the same distance in reality, this means the Power Pole is capable of extending outward for at least 363,300 km (225,744 miles), or roughly 28 times the diameter of the Earth. However, in the episode A Wish to the Eternal Dragon It failed to help Goku, Bulma and Yamcha to escape from Pilaf castle through a window at the top. This can be justified by the fact that Goku was hungry and was unable to concentrate. It is a powerful weapon, and can never break; it can easily break a sword (as shown when it broke Ninja Murasaki's sword, and Tao's sword in half). Goku also uses it during his final confrontation against King Piccolo, and later in order to get to Kami's Lookout. It can also be utilized by the user without him actually having to touch it, as evidenced by how Goku managed to catch the young thief who stole most of his gear during the Red Ribbon Army Saga and retrieve everything besides the Dragon Radar (due to the thief selling it to a pawn shop earlier).


Goku using the Power Pole inside the Furnace of Eight Divisions

When Goku shows up for the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, he is also carrying the Power Pole. After the 23rd tournament, Goku uses the pole to fight Annin in the final episode of Dragon Ball. While Goku was training with King Kai in the Other World after his death fighting Raditz, the Power Pole was shown strung between Korin Tower and Kami's Lookout.[8]

Last scene

Goku with the Power Pole, in the very last scene of Dragon Ball GT

In the Garlic Jr. Saga, the pole is not between Korin Tower and Kami's Lookout but in Korin's possession, as seen when he bets it in a poker game with Maron and Yajirobe. The Power Pole is later seen extending from Korin Tower to the Lookout several times during the course of Dragon Ball Z[9][10], and Goku is seen with it one final time in the Japanese ending credits of the last episode of Dragon Ball GT.

Film Appearances

In Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone, Goku uses the Power Pole against Garlic Jr. and his henchmen.

In Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest, brought by Gohan in Dr. Wheelo's fortress, Goku uses the Power Pole again in the battle with Dr. Wheelo.

Live-action movies

Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins

In the first live action adaption named Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins, the Power Pole was named the Magic Pole. The pole is gold when it is small and can come to Monkey Boy whenever he whistles. It retracts when Monkey Boy spins it around.

Dragonball: Evolution

Grandpa Gohan seems to have a pole similar to the Power Pole in his possession in the live action movie: Dragonball: Evolution. Grandpa Gohan is seen using his pole only in battle. It is unknown if the pole he possesses has the same abilities as the one seen in both manga and anime.

Video Game Appearances

This is a list of video games where the Power Pole has made an appearance.

"A replica of the mysterious pole that can grow as long as it needs to."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse in-game description

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the Power Pole appears as an equippable accessory that can be obtained via a wish to Shenron (the game also features a Journey To West-style outfit that can also be obtained via this same method). However this Power Pole accessory is purely cosmetic. In the Xenoverse GT Pack 1 DLC, the Power Pole appears as part of 2 Super Skills, which can be used by the Future Warrior & GT Goku in his 3rd skill set. These Power Pole-based super skills are:

  • Power Pole - This Super Skill allows the user to "Extend" the Power Pole to jab an enemy. Can be unlocked by the Future Warrior as a reward in "GT Pack 1" DLC Parallel Quest Event: "Ultimate Power, Ultimate Saiyan".
    • Power Pole Combo - This Super Skill allows the user to perform a power pole-based combo attack. If the player times the combo's repeated command input correctly the user can use to Power Pole to attack up to 7x in a row. Can be unlocked by the Future Warrior as a reward in "GT Pack 1" DLC Parallel Quest Event: "Ultimate Power, Ultimate Saiyan".
XN - Monkey Ball

The Power Pole connected to Kami's Lookout in Xenoverse

The Power Pole accessory is not needed to be obtained nor equipped to perform these skills, as the Power Pole used during these techniques will simply appear and then disappears when either of the 2 Power Pole skills are used. The Power Pole can also be seen connected the bottom of The Lookout stage.[1]

In Dragon Ball Fusions, the Power Pole appears as part of the top portion of certain clothing options such as Kid Goku's Turtle School uniforms (both marked and unmarked). There are also two Power Pole-based Special Moves used by several characters including Kid Goku and Stabba.

  • Power Pole Combo - The standard Power Pole rush attack special move.
    • Power Pole Rush - A stronger version of Power Pole Combo.

Due to the nature of the Timespace Rift it is unknown if they are the Power Pole wielded by Goku from alternate timelines (as Kid Goku from wields his Power Pole) and/or that multiple Power Poles of different origins exist.

DBXV2 Female Earthling Future Warrior 2 Power Pole Pro (Awoken Skill)

Female Earthling Future Warrior using the Power Pole Pro Awoken Skill in Xenoverse 2

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the Power Pole and Power Pole Combo skills return as Super Skills that can be obtained by the Future Warrior along with the Power Pole accessory. The Power Pole and Power Pole Combo can both be purchased at the Skill Shop in Conton City. The Power Pole Combo becomes available for sale only after completing the main story and can be purchased for 8000 Zeni. GT Goku can also use the Power Pole Super Skill in his Uniform 1 skillset and the Power Pole Combo Super Skill in his Uniform 2 skillset.

Additionally, if the Future Warrior is an Earthling, they can obtain the Power Pole Pro Awoken Skill "transformation" which allows them to call upon the Flying Nimbus and use the Power Pole as a weapon. The Power Pole Pro Awoken Skill can be obtained by an Earthling Future Warrior after joining the Saiya Squad as Great Saiyaman 3 in the Satan House Time Rift anomaly and then reaching Level 35. After doing this they must talk to Great Saiyaman 1 & 2 who decide that the Warrior needs something to make them stand out and suggests they figure out what it should be. The Warrior must then talk to Jaco who will suggest they use some kind of weapon and Mr. Satan who will suggest a cool vehicle. After returning to Great Saiyaman 1 & 2, the suggestion of a weapon and vehicle reminds Gohan of the Power Pole and Flying Nimbus used by his father in his youth decides that they will be perfect for the Warrior leading to Satan House Quest: "Earthling Awakening" where the Warrior will face off against Great Saiyaman 1 & 2. Completing this quest unlocks the Power Pole Pro Awoken Skill which allows them to summon the Flying Nimbus and wield the Power Pole. After the quest, Gohan will reveals that his father wanted the warrior to have them after hearing about them (though he stops himself briefly from referring to Goku as his father). While using this Awoken Skill, the Warrior can use the Power Pole to either attack and guard while moving. They can also extend the Power Pole pressing the Ki Blast button.

The Power Pole accessory can be obtained from the TP Medal Shop (open from Friday to Sunday) or by uploading save data from Xenoverse. Like in Xenoverse, the Power Pole also appears connected to Kami's Lookout.[4]



Mr. Popo holding a pole very similar to the Power Pole

  • In the AB Group dub of the movies, Goku refers to this as his "magic wand" or "magic stick."
  • In the episode "Quicker Than Lightning", Mr. Popo uses a pole very similar in looks to the Power Pole during a training session on Kami's Lookout. While spinning it, he asks Goku to not move. He then reveals the pole to not be anything but an ordinary piece of wood and that the training session was a lesson about looks being deceiving (that Goku should not always trust his eyes).
  • Unused voice lines in Xenoverse 2 indicate that Yamcha, Videl and Goten can use a Power Pole.[11]



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