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Potbelly Attack (腹の肉攻撃 Hara no Niku Kōgeki[1]) is a technique used by Innocent Buu.


Majin Buu grabs his belly and yanks off a piece of it, stretching the skin to make it long. The skin suddenly comes alive, and Majin Buu can use it as a weapon.

Skin 7

Vegeta dodges Potbelly Attack's ki orbs

Majin Buu can use the Potbelly Attack in one of two ways. The first method involves Majin Buu detaching a piece of his belly and swinging it around violently, sending a giant exploding ki orbs at the opponent. The second method involves Majin Buu throwing his detached belly at the opponent, constricting them tightly. This attack is powerful enough to hold the strongest of enemies. It is devastating against regular humans, as they will be crushed to death in the coils of the skin within a matter of seconds. The skin will continue to crush the target until someone pulls it off or the victim is strong enough to escape.


Skin 3

Majin Buu crushes Vegeta after wrapping him

Majin Buu used this technique during his fight with Majin Vegeta. Buu used the ki orb method first and Vegeta to have to move quickly to evade the blasts. While Vegeta was distracted Buu blasted him with his Ill Flash which caused the Saiyan Prince to fly quickly into the air allowing Majin Buu to throw his detached belly at him, wrapping him up. With the Saiyan wrapped up and immobilized, Majin Buu then proceeds to crush him under his huge body and beat Vegeta senseless. It wasn't until Trunks and Goten stepped in, that Vegeta able to be freed from the attack.[7][8]


Majin Buu's Potbelly Attack blubber wraps and crushes a human to death

Majin Buu uses this attack again to wrap around a human, crushing him to death in a manner of seconds.[9]

In the anime, Good Buu uses the technique against Evil Buu, who easily breaks free.[10]

In the Supreme Kai of Time Saga, an alternate version of Innocent Buu performs the attack on Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Berserk Controlled) Vegeta. However, this time Vegeta remains undamaged from his beating and easily breaks free after a burst of power.[11]

Video Game Appearances[]

In Legendary Super Warriors, it is named Potbelly Attack where the ki orb version is used.

In Super Dragon Ball Z, Majin Buu uses it as a basic move.

In the Raging Blast series, it is named Buu Buu Gum where it is Majin Buu's Signature Attack.

In the Xenoverse series, the technique appears as Majin Buu's standard throw, where he throws a piece of his flesh at the opponent and if it hits them, they will be wrapped up and immobilized. Majin Buu then uses Rapid Movement and reappears to kick the helpless opponent. Male Majins can also use it as their throw in Xenoverse 2.

In FighterZ, it is named Fat Throw and is one of Majin Buu's Special Moves.