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Portal Opening (ポータルオープン Pōtaruōpun) is a technique used by Janemba as a defensive or offensive technique, and also messing with realities.[3] It also appears in Dragon Ball GT in order to open a portal between Earth and Hell.[4]


In its GT usages, the technique is used when two users create an interconnecting energy beam to each other, which creates a gate between their two different locations.


Fused Zamas Portals

Fused Zamasu utilizes portals to beat around Goku

In Dragon Ball Super, Fused Zamasu utilizes portals while in combat in order to utilize a variety of attacks.

In Dragon Ball Super, the Grand Minister utilizes portals to warp from one realm to another realm.

In Dragon Ball GT's episode 42, A Dangerous Union, Hell Fighter 17 and Android 17 use this in order to meet on Earth and merge into Super 17. Their portal also lets other villains escape from Hell.[5]

In Dragon Ball GT's episode 45, Piccolo's Best Bet, Piccolo and Dende use the technique to get Goku out of Hell to rescue his friends from the mighty Super 17. Piccolo states that this technique is a fusion of the mind between two Namekians. After Goku questions whether or not Piccolo can get him out of Hell, Piccolo contacts Dende at The Lookout to create the interconnecting energy beam to each other, which creates a gate between Hell and Earth after several attempts.[6]


  • Dead Zone - A technique where Garlic or his son Garlic Jr. open a singularity to the Dead Zone.
  • Illusion Smash - An attack where Janemba utilizes portals in order to fire punches at his opponent from a distance.
  • Springing Forth from Another Space - One of Janemba's portal techniques where he creates a portal to absorb his opponents' ki blast, and then opens the portal elsewhere to launch it at them.
  • Vice Shout - A technique where the user yells out extremely loudly, cracking dimensional walls and creating a portal.
  • The Power of the Dark - A technique where Evil Bardock opens a portal to the edge of time and space.
  • Wormhole - Specially timed magic based wormhole technique developed by Demigra that cause several time distortions following Demigra's defeat in the Crack of Time. Capable of infecting various people with Dark Magic and transporting beings through time, to further Demigra's plans.
  • The Work of the Gods - A rift in space-time created when Goku Black used the scythe version of the Violent Fierce God Slicer energy blade to attack Vegeta. The energy slash used in attempt to attack Vegeta, as well as some assistance of Goku Black's Time Ring, was powerful enough to tear open reality to create this rift. This rift spawned several clones of Black, all from seconds in the past. The rift can generate more duplicates if destroyed or the clones can regenerate on their own.

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, Shenron opens a portal to another dimension where Broly resides so Goku and co. can battle him.

In the story of Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai, Janemba's messing with reality creates holes in time and space that connect multiple dimensions and timelines together, which displaces people in time and allows the dead to reclaim their living bodies and return to the living realm.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the Demon God Demigra is capable of opening dark portals and create wormholes. He uses one in order to get from the Time Vault to the Crack of Time.



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