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Poop Toss is a Poop-based technique used by Arale Norimaki in Dr. Slump and Trunks in Dragon Ball Super.


The user throws Poop (usually by using a stick to fling it) at the opponent to either disgust, shock, and/or distract them.


Often used by Arale Norimaki in Dr. Slump and related media due to her fascination with it. Ironically, the technique is used by Trunks in Dragon Ball Super against Arale in order to distract her during her fight with Goku while under the effects of Dr. Mashirito's Playtime-X, after Senbei Norimaki suggested it as a way to stop her rampage (due to his awareness of Arale's fascination with Poop).

Video Game Appearances

Poop Toss was named in Dragon Ball Fusions, where it appears as a Special Move used by Arale and several other characters such as the Namekian Moolin. It can also be acquired from Arale and used by her EX-Fusions, Arale 18 and Towale. In Dragon Ball Fusions, it causes damage to the opponent and any enemies around them. It has a chance of inflicting the Shock status effect. Interestingly, it is classified as a Ki Blast technique in Dragon Ball Fusions, despite the fact that no ki blast is involved.