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|AniName =
|AniName =
|AltName = Hero Robot
|AltName = Hero Robot
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|Appears in =
|manga debut =
|manga debut =
|anime debut =
|anime debut =

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Poll (ポル), the Hero Robot (ヒーローロボ_), is a mass produced copy of Giru created by Capsule Corporation.


Poll is identical to Giru, with the addition of a Capsule Corp. logo on their chest.

Forms and transformationsEdit

Defense FormEdit

Heroes promo Defense Giru

Defense Poll

Poll changes into a blue form with arm shields.

Attack FormEdit


Attack Poll

Poll changes into a red form with weaponry.



Upgraded Poll's forms

Poll can be upgraded into a new state. This new state also possess upgraded versions of Defense Form and Attack Form.

Game appearancesEdit

Poll appears in Dragon Ball Heroes.


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