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Polaris (冷凍惑星 Reitō Wakusei) is a planet with a very cold climate, shown in the Baby Saga of Dragon Ball GT.



An outpost on Polaris

Pan, Trunks, Goku, and Giru go there to retrieve one of the last Black Star Dragon Balls, the Two-Star Ball. On the planet, Giru calculates the temperature around -272 degrees, without précising the scale (Celsius or Fahrenheit).[1] This means Polarsis could either be at almost sub-zero temperatures, to being cold enough to instantly freeze carbon dioxide.

Video Game Appearances

Polaris also appears as the tenth level in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation. Enemies encountered here are Polar Zoonamites, Thundra Wolves, Icicles, Ice Crabs, Hornets, and the boss is a Yeti Beast.


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