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"How do you like that!? Behold the Trio of Danger's middle brother Lavender and his Poison Blow! Breath it in and fall to your hands and knees and surrender!"
Roh bragging about Lavender's technique in "Awaken Your Dormant Fighting Spirit! Gohan's Fight!"

Poison Blow (毒の拳 Doku no Ken) is a technique used by Lavender that involves using poison.


It consists of strikes imbued with poison. If the opponent consumes a lot of poison, their body will slowly rot, weakening them while also affecting their sight. The user can also infuse their poison with ki blasts.

Usage and Power

Lavender first uses this technique against Gohan in the Zeno Expo by grabbing his arm and then blowing poison into his face, blinding him. Lavender then blows his poison into his hands to hit Gohan with them, thus the Saiyan consumes more of his poison. Gohan's lack of vision sharpened the other sense so he could still battle Lavender, but the latter began using his flight and began to attack Gohan who had to transform a Super Saiyan, thus making the poison spread even further.

Lavender uses this technique again in the Tournament of Power where Lavender fights with Goku, but Goku creates an aura around himself to defend from it.


  • Poison Breath – Lavender breathes poison at his foe, causing their body to become contaminated and start to rot. If the opponent's eyes are hit, they will possibly be blinded, unless they can regenerate from it.
  • Poison Blow – Lavender creates poison mist around his hands and attacks his opponent with them.
  • Poison Energy Wave – Lavender creates a Full Power Energy wave infused with poison, this energy wave was powerful enough to match the poisoned Super Saiyan Gohan's Kamehameha.


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