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Poison is a dangerous substance utilized by several fighters.


In the manga and anime, the Ultra Divine Water is seemingly a toxic form of mystical water that will unlock the latent potential of anyone who drinks it and survives. It is also been retroactively suggested that by drinking the poison and surviving, that a Saiyan like Goku would also receive a Saiyan Power boost along with the latent potential unlocked by the Ultra Divine Water, as Saiyans grow stronger after coming close to death and surviving. In the anime, Yajirobe tests it by consuming a very small amount of the poison and while the poison temporarily induces pain, he did not consume enough of the poison for it to be lethal, indicating that at least within the anime, a significant amount must be consumed for it to be lethal for Human-type Earthlings, however considering that one must survive its toxic effects to unlock their latent potential, it is implied that Yajirobe didn't unlock any latent potential as he didn't consume large enough dose for it to be life threatening. However even a small dose is shown to temporarily induce pain on the user, showing that even a small amount of the poison has a negative effect on the body, albeit temporarily indicating Human-type Earthlings bodies are eventually capable of processing a small amount of the toxin. Also in the anime, Darkness claims that no human had ever survived consuming a lethal dose and while Goku became the first person to ever survive it, in light of his Saiyan origins, it is possible that a lethal dose is simply too much for Earthlings to survive, as Goku's survival could be attributed to his Saiyan biology.

The Saibaman user fires a poisonous substance from a hidden gland in their head as a toxic variation of their Acid.

Mr. Satan's poison-laced Fancy Chocolates

Mr. Satan once added deadly poison into some luxury chocolate, which he presented to Majin Buu in an attempt to assassinate him. However, Buu was completely immune and oblivious to the poison, and ate the entire box of chocolate.

In the Dragon Ball Super manga, members of a race of alien Insectoids attempt to kill the God of Destruction Beerus with poisoned food, though unfortunately for them, Beerus proved immune to the toxin and in retaliation for their deceitful blasphemous act of daring to attempt to kill a god, Beerus destroys their planet.


  • Ultra Divine Water - Supposedly mystical water that is a deadly poison in actuality. Imbibing the poison and surviving will unlock all of one's latent potential. Classified as a type of poison in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.
  • Fancy Chocolates! Help Yourself! - Poisoned chocolates used by Mr. Satan as one of the many attempts to kill Innocent Buu. Named in Dragon Ball Legends.
  • Poisonous Mushroom - A poisonous species of mushroom native to Conton City's Mushroom District. While normally poisonous to most races, it is ironically nutritious. Due to their strong digestive system, Majins are capable of consuming them without any I'll effects. As a result they are a popular food item among the Majin population of Conton City, though some Majin seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are poisonous which is implied to have lead to a case where a male Earthling Time Patroller became sick after eating a Poisonous Mushroom dish made by his Majin girlfriend. A food item in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.
  • Secret Poison - Frost's secret poison technique.
    • Acid - Frost's left needle contains a highly acidic form of his Secret Poison.
  • Poison Blow - Lavender's poison technique.
  • Poisonmancy[4] – Haze Shenron's ability to pollute an area, which slowly weakens the energy of people until they are powerless. In the 18th Dragon Ball Heroes promotional movie, he spreads the Venomous Mist[4] from his mouth.

Video Game Appearances

In Advanced Adventure, Ultra Divine Water appears as a Treasure Item that grants increases maximum HP while from a story perspective, Goku has his potential unlocked by surviving its poisonous effects.

In the 18th Dragon Ball Heroes promotional movie, Haze Shenron can spread Poison from his mouth as a variation of his Pollution technique.

In Attack of the Saiyans, Poison is a status effect that can be inflicted by certain enemies.

In Xenoverse, Poison is a Super Skill and variation of Acid used by certain Saibamen variants capable of inflicting poison status effect on enemies (though it can be cured with Antidote capsules or nullified by certain Z-Souls. Additionally the status effect can also be inflicted using the skills Innocence Bullet and Bloody Sauce.

In Xenoverse 2, the poison skill doesn't return, though Bloody Sauce and Innocent Bullet still inflict Poison status effect. Additionally, Frost's Secret Poison is an Ultimate Skill capable of inflicting poison status. Certain Super Souls can either grant immunity from poison or grant the ability to inflict the status effect. Additionally there is a species of Poisonous Mushroom native to Conton City's Mushroom District that appears as a food item and local delicacy popular among the city's Majin population due to their ability disgust it, though said mushrooms are implied to inflict food poisoning on other races such as Earthlings. However due to in-game mechanics, food items can only be consumed by Majin Buu and his fission offspring. Additionally despite being poisonous, they are the second most nutritious mushroom that grows in Conton City after the Cat Mushroom.

In the 2017 Dragon Ball Super Card Game, Haze Shenron's version appears under the name Poisonmancy, while his poison breath is called Venomous Mist.

In Dragon Ball Legends, certain versions of the Acid Special Move Arts can inflict Poison or Strong Poison status, such as Saibaman (DBL-EVT-31E), Saibaman (DBL01-23H), and Saibaman (DBL02-06H). Additionally, the Poison Needle Attack used by Final Form Frost (DBL01-46E) as his Special Quirk Skill Arts can also inflict Poison status. Lavender (DBL28-02S) can inflict Poison status using his Vemon Sniper Special Move Arts and Poison Blow Special Quirk Skill Arts. World Champion Hercule (DBL24-11H) has a 100% chance of inflicting Strong Poison using his Fancy Chocolates! Help yourself! Unique Ability which triggers when he enters the battlefield. Additionally Majin Buu: Evil has Strike [Poison] Arts Cards that allow him and his teammates to inflict Poison status on hit (which has 100% chance of inflicting said status unless the target is immune to the Poison status effect) when said Arts Cards are used to perform a Strike Arts.

"A deadly poison in actuality, imbibing this "mystical water" -and surviving- will unlock all of one's latent potential."
Ultra Divine Water Z Encyclopedia Summary in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

In Kakarot, the description for Ultra Divine Water classified the supposedly "mystical water" as a deadly poison in actuality.


  • Poison is one of the few techniques in Xenoverse that do not return in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Majin Buu, Super Buu, and Kid Buu are not immune to poison and poisonous based attacks (i.e. Acid, and Innocence Bullet).
  • As shown during the Tournament of Destroyers, Frost's use of Poison was considered a weapon. Though he should have been disqualified, Beerus and Champa agreed to reinstate Goku as Frost's use of poison on him had been discovered by Jaco, though Vegeta insisted that Frost not be disqualified and Champa agreed though Frost was allowed to utilize his poison for the remainder of the tournament, though Vegeta eliminated him thus he was only officially allowed to use it during his match with Vegeta.
    • During the Tournament of Power, Frost was forbidden from using the poison needle on his arms and tail due to their artificial nature causing them to be classified as weapons.
    • However it should be noted that during the Zeno Expo, Lavender was allowed to use his poison in his battle against Gohan and Lavender was also permitted to use it during the Tournament of Power as long as its effects were non-lethal as Lavender's ability to use poison is natural thus it wasn't considered a weapon.
    • Presumably, poison is forbidden in the World Martial Arts Tournament, though since no one has ever attempted to use poison during the Tournament it is unknown if fighters who can produce poisons naturally or as a part of a technique would be allowed to do so, though its effects would have to be non-lethal so as not to violate the rules against killing.
  • During the Tournament of Time, Poison is allowed regardless as to whether it is a weapon or natural ability, as killing is allowed in said tournament as a participant's death results in them being restored to life in their proper timeline with no memory of the tournament.



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