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Directory: CharactersVillainsVideo game villains The Pod Corporation is a major competitor to Capsule Corporation. They only appear in the Legacy of Goku series


Newman, the scientist sent to infiltrate Capsule Corp

In Legacy of Goku II, a Pod Corporation scientist named Newman was sent by Pod Corporation to work at Capsule Corporation after they learned that they were developing a capsule that could contain living beings so that he could steal their secrets and sabotage their research. However one of the Z Fighters discovered him and so he sent out a wolf to attack them, the Z Fighter defeated the wolf and brought him to be imprisoned in Capsule Corporation's jail.

In Buu's Fury, Pod Corporation backs the Warlord and his militia. They build the Mega-Fortress XJ-6 for the Warlord, claiming it to be impenetrable.


  • The Pod Corporation is similar to the Red Pharmaceuticals as both are antagonist groups that act as business rivals to the Capsule Corporation. However the Red Ribbon Army was unable to compete with the Capsule Corporation following Dr. Brief's development of Capsules while the Pod Corporation apparently managed to maintain a rivalry with the Capsule Corporation, presumably due to spies like Newman and underhanded business tactics such as corporate espionage/sabotage.

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