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Poco Poco Volcano (ポコポコ火山) is a volcanic mountain located on an island in the southern sea known as Bunbuku Island (ブンブク島). It appears in the Dragon Ball anime episodes "Walking Their Own Ways" and "Hotter Than Lava", as well as in Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans as the location of one of the Destron Gas machines.


Poco Poco Volcano is an active volcano located on the tropical Bunbuku Island. In Dragon Ball, Poco Poco Volcano village is located at the foot of the volcano. It is home to Mint and her brother Paul who are the grandchildren of the Village Elder (this is only mentioned in the original Japanese). The people of Poco Poco Volcano village worship the Mountain Spirit which is depicted as a devil-like entity (with an appearance similar to Ladies and Gentlemen and Devil's Toilet statues). During a festival held in the village, villagers wear devil masks apparently based upon the Mountain Spirit.

The Destron Gas machine destroyed by Piccolo is located there. The machine is protected by Kawazu, and enemies encountered on the island in the Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans game are Kinkarn, Ponkarn, Bontan, Arbee, Roszak, Gure, and Skud.



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