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Planthorr is a humanoid scientist who guards the newly-born Saiyans on Planet Vegeta alongside Malaka.


He is not violent as other members of the Frieza Force and actually shows some kindness towards Saiyans such as Bardock and Tora, as well as to his colleague Malaka. He seems to have a strong belief that even low levels like Kakarot have great potential to be warriors this prediction would come true as he grew up to be one of the universe's most powerful warriors.


Dragon Ball Z

Bardock - The Father of Goku

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Planthorr's last moments on Planet Vegeta

Planthorr notes that the newborn Kakarot is especially weak for a young Saiyan, having a power level of 2. Planthorr is on Planet Vegeta when Frieza destroys it, killing him.

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