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Planet Yardrat (ヤードラット星 Yādoratto-sei) is the home planet of the Yardrats. Goku crash-lands on this planet after his fight with Frieza on Namek.


Universe 7

Yardrat is the planet the Ginyu Force were scheduled to invade before being relocated to Namek. After Goku could not start Frieza's spaceship, he finds the Ginyu Force's ships nearby and takes one of them. The coordinates for Yardrat were already programmed on the ship's computer, and thus it goes to this planet with Goku inside.

While on the planet, the Yardrats nurse Goku back to good health and even gave him the same outfit that the Yardrats wear replacing his outfit as it is all torn up after his fight with Frieza. Soon afterwards, he is taught the Instant Transmission technique by them. Goku stays on the planet for about a year before heading back to Earth. In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta after a reluctant retreat from the deteriorating New Namek, forces Irico to fly to Yardrat so he could learn something to help defeat Moro under the guidance of the Yardrat elder, Pybara.

Universe 2

When Team Universe 2 lost in the Tournament of Power, Planet Yardrat was erased with the rest of Universe 2. It was later restored when the erased universes were restored.

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu, when Goku arrives on Planet Yardrat, he saves a Yardrat from two of Frieza's soldiers, Banan and Sūi. The Yardrat then teaches Goku the Instant Transmission.

In Dragon Ball Z: Sagas, before leaving the planet, Goku battles against a powerful Yardrat warrior named Soba who is exclusive to the game.

In Dragon Ball Online, according to the game's timeline Planet Yardrat is destroyed sometime before Age 900 by the Demonic Bio-Android Mira forcing the surviving Yardrats to relocate to Earth.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Planet Yardrat is mentioned by Goku after he returns to Earth and Goku wears his Yardrat clothing until he returns home to convince Chi-Chi to let Gohan train with him and Piccolo to confront the Androids. After Piccolo helps the Alien couple and their travel guide the ex-Combatant Melone in the Sub Story: "Close Encounters of the Troublesome Kind", Melone decided their next stop will be Planet Yardrat to try some of the local sweet potatoes.[1]


  1. Melone: "Yeah, yeah. I guess we could stop by Planet Yardrat and try their sweet potatoes..."