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Planet Frieza No. 79 is a planet that was dominated by Frieza. The only inhabitants seen on the planet are men under Frieza's command. This also seems to be a prominent base of operations in Frieza's empire.


An outpost on Planet Frieza No. 79

Planet Frieza 79 is first seen when Vegeta recovers there after his battle on Earth. When Frieza calls the Ginyu Force, they can be seen (in shades), preparing for their 5 days journey to Namek with their supporting Frieza's henchmen who dealt with their logistics and launching. To prevent damage to its facilities, the planet's bases are fitted with special landing pads capable of cushioning landings by returning Attack Balls (such as Vegeta's) that allow for soft landings that eliminate the destruction usually caused during Attack Ball landings. Later, during Goku's battle with Frieza, Planet Frieza 79 is shown along with Frieza's soldiers; an alien who is of the same race as Cui asks the other henchmen if they support Frieza. Most of the base then ends up heavily damaged after the base's scouter system malfunctioned and self-destructed while monitoring Frieza and Goku's power during their battle on Planet Namek.

Video Game Appearances

Frieza No. 79 is seen in cutscenes in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai. It is explored by Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu; it is where Appule, Banan, Sūi, and Cui first appear in the game.

The planet stage in the Budokai Tenkaichi series seems based on Frieza No. 79.



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