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Planet Brench (ブレンチ星 Burenchi-sei), also known as Cooler No. 98 (in the movies only) under the Frieza Force control, is a planet owned by Frieza and, in the movies, his brother Cooler.


Brench is located in a solar system which has two suns. The planet is said to have a very high gravity (at least ten times that of the Earth), making all its residents, the Brench-seijin, fast and agile when visiting a planet possessing lesser gravity.[1] Many planets have the same gravity level (i.e. Zoon, Planet Vegeta and King Kai's Planet) as Brench.


  • The original name of this planet (Brench) is derived from a French dressing.
  • Jeice is from a planet located in the same solar system as Brench.[1][2]
  • In the Xenoverse series, when Male Voice Number 8 (Nappa from Dragon Ball Z Abridged) uses Jeice's Fighting Pose or Crusher Ball, he mentions Space Australia (which is allegedly Jeice's home planet in the Abridged series.)


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