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Plamo is a character from the one-shot manga The Adventures of Tongpoo. Her overall character was later reused for Bulma.


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Plamo is a space explorer from Earth, but she ends up being the sole survivor of her crew after an alien kills her crew upon crash-landing their ship, the Planet 8, on a distant planet. After crashing, she bathes in a lake when another crash-landed space explorer, a cyborg named Tongpoo, encounters her near the lake. Explaining what had happened, they decide to steal the alien's ship, and later use a capsule to build a capsule house to camp out and stay in the house together. She and Tongpoo later manage to defeat the alien (during which she also attempts to seduce the alien, only for it to fail due to the evident difference in their species). Because Tongpoo is forced to destroy the alien's ship due to his being unable to find a way to learn the controls of the ship, she leaves the planet, alongside Tongpoo, inside Tongpoo's scouting vehicle to go back to Earth.


  • Amorous Glance - Plamo uses this technique in an attempt to seduce the alien but it fails due to alien's lack of interest in her sexually due to them being different species.


  • Her character, including her being a former space explorer and fighting off an alien, is a reference to the Alien franchise main protagonist Ellen Ripley. Likewise, the alien that attacked her and that she and Tongpoo ultimately defeated before escaping seems based on a Xenomorph.