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"I was worried that I'd end up beating myself into a pulp, but now that you're here, I guess you'll do just fine."
— "Forfeit of Piccolo"

Pintar (プンター Puntā) is a large Arabic-looking competitor in the World Martial Arts Tournaments.



Pintar wins during the 24th World Tournament

Pintar at the 24th World Tournament

Pintar was a competitor in the 24th World Martial Arts Tournament. According to the World Tournament Announcer, he made it all the way to the semi-finals.

Dragon Ball Z[]

Majin Buu Saga[]

In the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, Pintar faces Krillin in the first match of the Adult Division. Before the match, Pintar insults Krillin, who is much smaller and shorter of stature than he is. Pintar tells Krillin about how badly he is going to defeat him, and that it was not going to take him more than thirty seconds to win. Pintar's boasting annoys Krillin.


Krillin landing a crucial blow on Pintar

When the match starts, Pintar jumps all over the ring showing off his speed, which is somewhat impressive for his size. Pintar then gives Krillin a free punch, and Krillin uses it to end the pointless fight quickly. Krillin punches him hard in the gut, then slaps him in the face repeatedly, and kicks him out of the ring. Krillin does all this (except the slapping bit) with his eyes closed and with nearly no effort at all.

Other appearances[]

Dragon Ball SD[]

Pintar appears briefly in the spin-off manga Dragon Ball SD.


Pintar is at least strong for a human, as a competitor with a Bear's claw for a hand was seen scoring 112 points on the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament's qualifying test, but did not make the top fifteen. This would imply he can punch harder than that and, given that Mr. Satan scored a 137, this would mean he might have been an actual challenge for the world champ.

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