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Cross 3

The Pilappaggy Villain Union

Pilappaggy Villain Union (ピラッパギー悪党同盟) is a villainous group that stars Pilaf and Buggy (from One Piece) as their captains. They appear in the crossover manga Cross Epoch.



Buggy and Pilaf

Pilappaggy Villain Union tries to defeat Goku and Luffy for always getting in their way for world domination. They use a flying ship in a form of a giant blowfish called Tettiri Number 55, which is actually a small ship in the form of a bird, the blowfish shape merely being a threatening-looking façade made out of papier-mâché. They are shot down from the sky by the other characters.


  • Pilaf and Buggy, the leaders of the Pilappaggy Villain Union, have the same Japanese voice actor, Shigeru Chiba

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