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Pilaf Plane (ピラフの飛行機 Pirafu no Hikōki[1]) is a type of airplane used by Emperor Pilaf's minions which can take on other forms: such as turn into a boat and be used as a submarine.


The Pilaf Plane used to go at Skull Valley

A Pilaf Plane was first used by Shu and Mai to search through Skull Valley for a Dragon Ball, but was destroyed by Goku when he thought it was a bird. Another plane was used when they went to Kame House searching for Master Roshi's Dragon Ball, but it sunk to the bottom of the ocean when Roshi poked a hole in it. The last plane was used to get away when Goku transformed into a Great Ape and destroyed Pilaf's Castle, but it was destroyed when it got hit by one of the castle towers Goku threw.

Video Game Appearances

Pilaf Planes appear in Dragon Ball: Origins as regular enemies when Goku is on his Flying Nimbus chasing Shu and Mai in their Pilaf Machines.



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