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"He's either a fighting genius...or a total fool."
— Pikkon talking about Goku in "Final Round"

Pikkon, known as Paikuhan (パイクーハン Paikūhan) in the original Japanese version, is a fighter of the Other World who first appears as the main fighting antagonist of the Other World Saga. He does not appear in the original Dragon Ball manga. Acting as a substitute for Piccolo in terms of appearance, role, and personality, he is introduced in the filler episodes of Dragon Ball Z, and later appears in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.

Concept and creation

Pikkon concept art (Son Goku Densetsu)

It is stated on the Pikkon concept art by Akira Toriyama that Pikkon is a Piccolo-type character. There are even memos left for the anime's production staff that say "use Piccolo as a reference for the facial expressions."[3]


Pikkon's physical similarities to Piccolo can clearly be seen

Pikkon is a tall (a few inches taller than Goku), humanoid, muscular, green warrior. He has thick pink lips with big red irises with black pupils, no visible nose, and a pronounced hairless brow. His head is bald with black spots atop it and flat, square-shaped ears.

Pikkon without his weighted clothing

He wears a long blue-sleeved shirt with white gi pants secured with a red sash and brown boots with beige footing. Normally, to intensify his training, he dons extra garbs of extremely weighted clothing. This includes white robes secured with a brown belt with a golden circle in the middle, and a tall turban-like hat that has a matching golden circle in the middle with a long flowing white bandana over it.


Pikkon is a very wise fighter. He uses this to his advantage by planning out attacks. Pikkon even goes as far to correct Goku on his "sloppy" dodging and inability to concentrate, offering advice even in battle. When he first appears, he hardly speaks a word, but later opens up during his bout against Goku. Pikkon has heroic characteristics similar to Goku's, and fights for the good. Goku compares his personality to that of Piccolo, and even states that Pikkon and Piccolo would "get along great". In Fusion Reborn, he is seen becoming jealous when Goku gets to battle Janemba and he does not. He is also seen just as impatient when he asks Janemba where he came from, and he is shown to get quite angry when things do not go his way (an example being him yelling while trying to get the barrier encased around the Check-In Station to break).



Pikkon was once a fighter who lived in an unknown location in the West Quadrant of the universe. After dying a heroic unknown death, Pikkon was permitted to journey to the planet of West Kai, where he trained hard and became West Kai's best student.

Dragon Ball Z

Majin Buu Saga

Main articles: Other World Saga and Kid Buu Saga

Pikkon at the Other World Tournament

Pikkon is seen shortly after Goku and King Kai arrive for a meeting with Grand Kai, at the same time as Pikkon and West Kai, who is then revealed to be on bad terms with King Kai. After an argument in which West Kai suggests that Goku and Pikkon have a sparring match, Grand Kai appears and asks Pikkon and Goku to go to Hell and take care of a few deceased villains who are causing trouble down there, namely Frieza, King Cold, Cell, Recoome, Burter, Jeice, and Guldo. In Hell, Goku defeats the Ginyu Force and Pikkon easily defeats Frieza, King Cold, and Perfect Cell, impaling them on a huge ball of spikes and putting all of them into a spirit prison.

Goku vs. Pikkon

Later on, after Goku and Pikkon have struck up a friendship, an Other World Tournament is held in honor of King Kai's death. Eventually, Goku and Pikkon make it to the final round and battle it out ferociously for the prize: a private lesson with the Grand Kai. As the battle goes on, Pikkon seems to have the upper hand, but Goku finally finds the weakness of Pikkon's Thunder Flash Attack and uses it against him, knocking Pikkon out of the ring with his Instant Kamehameha. However, both Goku and Pikkon are disqualified due to having touched the roof of the arena earlier on, though it's hinted Grand Kai just said this because both Pikkon and Goku were stronger than him. Pikkon still says that he is going to train to defeat Goku someday, just as Piccolo once did.

Pikkon risks his existence by taunting Kid Buu

After Super Buu appears and starts a killing spree on Earth, Krillin and Yamcha are sent to Grand Kai's Planet for special training, where they meet Pikkon and other deceased fighters. When Kid Buu travels to Grand Kai's planet during his search for Goku and Vegeta, Pikkon approaches the mute monster and makes taunting remarks about him, not knowing about the terrible Buu and unknowingly risking his entire existence. Just as Kid Buu prepares to destroy the planet with a Shocking Ball, Pikkon and the others are saved at the last minute when Kid Buu teleports himself to the Sacred World of the Kai, having finally found Goku's and Vegeta's ki. Through the duration of the battle in the Sacred World of the Kais, Pikkon looks on with the other dead warriors as the incredible final battle gets underway.

Film appearances

Fusion Reborn

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn

Pikkon defeats Arqua

Pikkon defeats Arqua and makes it to the final in the Other World Tournament. When he is about to face Goku, their fight is interrupted by the emergence of the demon Janemba, who has trapped King Yemma and made almost the entire Other World into a field of crystal jellies. When Goku and Pikkon are sent to investigate, they come face to face with Janemba (in his first form) after failing to destroy King Yemma's entrapment. While Goku lures Janemba away, Pikkon attempts several times to free King Yemma with his strongest energy blasts, but to no avail, until King Yemma's complaints push Pikkon over the edge and force him to throw an insult at King Yemma, causing the jelly to crack. From then on, Pikkon uses his frustration to come up with more insults and crack the trap even more.

"You're part of that insidious barrier, aren't you? Which means you must have the same weakness... DISGUSTING FREAK!!"
— Pikkon to Janemba

Pikkon stalls Janemba

Eventually, Pikkon realizes that the only way to free King Yemma is to defeat Janemba, so he goes to aid Goku and a recently arrived Vegeta in the battle against Janemba. Pikkon arrives just when Goku and Vegeta attempt to fuse. He faces Janemba by himself, and even manages to wound Janemba, cracking his armor by insulting him (due to Janemba being made of exactly the same substance as the jelly) and hitting him with a few ki blasts; however, Pikkon is quickly defeated by Janemba (who materializes behind him and slams his fists into the sides of Pikkon's head). Luckily, Pikkon's efforts bought Goku and Vegeta enough time to fuse successfully and form the fearsome Gogeta, who effortlessly destroys Janemba and restores the natural order of the Other World. Pikkon is last seen commenting on Gogeta's incredible appearance before falling unconscious.

Other Dragon Ball stories

Dragon Ball Heroes

Dark Empire Saga

Main article: Dark Empire Saga Super Pikkon appears in Hell during the Xeno Janemba Saga, where he joins forces with the Time Patrol to fight Xeno Janemba and the Dark Empire.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

New Parallel Quest 145: "Other World Challenger"

Main articles: Universe Survival Saga and Tournament of Power As part of the Legendary Pack 1 DLC, a time fragment timeline that anomalously combines aspects of Pikkon's Other World Saga history with the Universe Survival Saga resulting in a timeline where Pikkon is resurrected by Whis alongside Frieza to participate in the Tournament of Power as members of Team Universe 7. However due to the timeline's anomalous mixing of different histories, Pikkon finds himself revived in the Null Realm in the middle of the Tournament of Power forcing Goku to explain what is going on. Originally Pikkon was about to participate in the Other World Tournament when he was revived and as long as he gets to fight strong opponents, he doesn't have a problem with fighting alongside Goku, though is surprised Frieza was revived as the Frieza he is familiar with is the one he confronted in Hell during the Other World Saga, while the one that was revived is Frieza's Dragon Ball Super incarnation. However Goku convinces him Frieza is much stronger now and focuses on fighting the tournament fighters alongside the Time Patrol. Goku fails to inform Pikkon that Universe 7 will be Erased if they lose, to Pikkon's shock as he admonishes Goku for not telling him earlier, as Toppo (God of Destruction) and Jiren appear.

A standard finish occurs if Pikkon's health decreases below 10% which causes Pikkon to leave to rest as the Time Patrol take care of the remaining fighters, with the quest ending after Toppo (GoD) and Jiren are defeated.

A Legendary Finish occurs if Pikkon's health is above 10% which leads Pikkon to defeating them alongside the Time Patrol. However Zen-Oh and Future Zen-Oh want to see more fighting so they task the remaining members of Universe 7 to fight to the last one standing, thus resulting in Pikkon turning from supporter to an enemy, joined by Frieza (Final Form/Golden) and Goku (Base/SSGSS Kaioken). The Time Patrol must defeat Pikkon, Golden Frieza, and SSGSS Kaioken Goku to complete the quest.



Pikkon is the strongest warrior in the history of Universe 7's West Galaxy. Even with his extremely heavy weighted clothing on, he showed no noticeable diminishing in his natural performance. His prowess was asked for personally by Grand Kai to take care of a villains' rebellion in Hell. Without asking for any information on the foes, he calmly rushed to his assignment and swiftly defeats the strongest of enemies, knocking out Frieza and King Cold each with one hit, and similarly defeating Cell in two blows.

During the Other World Tournament, Pikkon was able to easily advance to the finals, defeating Olibu, one of the North Galaxy's strongest warriors, with only minor difficulty. In the finals against base Goku, Pikkon remained virtually unfazed by Goku's initial assault. Once Goku fought seriously and his strength proved slightly ahead of Pikkon in his restrained state, he removed his weights, prompting Goku to use Super Saiyan. Despite Goku's large power increase, the two warriors were on par with another (although Pikkon's profile in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 stating that Pikkon had the upperhand), and he was able to withstand Goku's Super Kaio-ken. As noted by Goku, Pikkon is a very efficient warrior with virtually no blind-spots. This forced Goku to feign defeat long enough to catch Pikkon off-guard to finally eliminate the mighty warrior.


In Bio-Broly, Pikkon was called for to aid Goku in detaining the rampaging Broly in Hell, showing that the gods had faith in his might against the Legendary Super Saiyan.

In Fusion Reborn, Pikkon is completely outclassed when faced against Janemba, being flicked away by Janemba in his first form and nearly killed with one blow by Super Janemba. By comparison, Super Saiyan 3 Goku beat Janemba's first form with a few blows and put up a fight against Super Janemba.

Video Games

In Xenoverse 2 with the assistance of the Time Patrol, Pikkon is able to hold his own against Golden Frieza, Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, Dabura, and Kid Buu (after he is killed by Goku but before his reincarnation into Uub, with Pikkon noting he is stronger than when they fought on Grand Kai's planet). When revived during the Tournament of Power, Pikkon with assistance of the Time Patrol is able to hold his own against Super Saiyan Cabba, Final Form Frost, Hit, Super Saiyan Kefla, Ribrianne, Jiren, and Destroyer Form Top. He is also able to hold his own against the Time Patrol, SSGSS Kaioken Goku, and Golden Frieza if he has more than 10% health after Jiren and Destroyer Form Top are defeated.


  • Flight – Like most characters, Pikkon has the ability to fly using his ki.
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Quick Rush - Pikkon's signature attack in Raging Blast 2.
  • Kiai – Pikkon blows an invisible wave of ki through his mouth. He used it to dispel Olibu's Chasing Energy Ball.
  • Homing Energy Wave – A move where Pikkon fires a Ki Blast that targets his enemy. He used it against Goku in the episode "Final Round".

Pikkon's Double Energy Wave

  • Double Energy Wave – A technique used against Goku in the episode "Final Round".
  • Continuous Energy Bullets – Used against Goku in the episode "Final Round".
  • Scatter Shot - A controllable energy barrage originally used by Krillin. Appears as one of Pikkon's Special Moves in Dragon Ball Fusions.
    • Super Scatter Shot - A stronger version of Scatter Shot that appears as one of Pikkon's Special Moves in Dragon Ball Fusions.
      • Full Power Scatter Shot - A full power version of Scatter Shot even stronger than Super Scatter Shot. One of Pikkon's Special Moves in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • Namekian Final Flash – An energy wave attack used on Goku after hitting his Thunder Flash Attack. Named in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game (Note: Pikkon is classified as a Namekian character within the card game itself).
  • Nova Strike-like attack – Pikkon surrounds his body in a blue sphere of energy and charges at the opponent using the blue sphere as a shield. He used an attack similar to Frieza's Nova Strike in a Energy Clash against Super Saiyan Goku.
  • Hyper Tornado – Pikkon starts spinning at high speeds, drills towards his opponent, then entraps them in a powerful tornado.
    • I won't let you! – Pikkon moves quickly, causing a whirlwind, to get directly in front of his opponent. Used in Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle
  • Burning Shoot – Pikkon surrounds himself in fire and attacks the opponent continuously. This attack was used to defeat Cell in the Other World.
  • Blazing Zephyr – The combination of two types of kick which he used on Super Saiyan Goku. The kick used during the rush is named named Super Kick in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.
  • No Running – A rush attack finished with the Trap Shooter. Used against Super Janemba.
  • Flawless Stance - Pikkon sways his arms around his body as he produces a blue flame-like aura that reduces the amount of Ki required to perform his Thunder Flash Attack while at the same time enhancing its power.
    • Thunder Flash Attack – First, Pikkon sways his arms around his body as he produces a blue flame-like aura. Then, he draws his hands out to his sides and closes them into fists as he crosses his arms on his chest. Finally, Pikkon draws his fists together in front of him and fires a huge storm of flames at the opponent, inflicting a massive amount of damage through a fiery explosion. It is a technique that appears to require a heavy amount of focus, as Pikkon must maintain his position in order to perform it.
  • Voltage Missile – Pikkon charges a yellow energy sphere with both hands to his left side and then fires it from both hands.

Pikkon's Super Energy Bomb

  • Super Energy Bomb – A green energy ball fired from the right hand. Pikkon used and named it in Fusion Reborn.
  • Trap Shooter – Pikkon draws his right hand back and charges a green energy sphere. Then, he wave his hand forward and fires a rapid barrage of energy blasts at his opponents, inflicting a great amount of damage. Pikkon used it against Janemba in Fusion Reborn. Interestingly, despite Trap Shooter appearing as a Super Skill in Xenoverse 2, it does not appear in Pikkon's skillset.

Pikkon performing the energy wave portion of Reverse Mabakusenko in Xenoverse 2

  • Reverse Mabakusenko - A Ultimate Skill counterattack originally used by Piccolo which appears as Pikkon's second Ultimate Skill as part of the Legendary Pack 1 DLC in Xenoverse 2. The user takes a counter stance and if hit by any kind of attack during said stance, the user will retaliate with a arm swipe followed by a powerful energy wave. Though it can counter both strikes and ki blasts, the energy wave has a limited range thus making it more suitable for countering attacks within its counterattack range.
  • Pride of the West Quadrant - A supportive technique used by Pikkon (DBL24-15S) as his Special Quirk Skill Arts for his Weighted Clothing "base form" in Dragon Ball Legends.
  • Hi-Tension – One of Pikkon's Blast 1 in the Budokai Tenkaichi series and in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2.
  • Wild Sense – One of Pikkon's Blast 1 in the Budokai Tenkaichi series and in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2.
  • EX-Fusion - An unnatural Fusion technique created by Capsule Corporation through Bulma's development of the Metamo-Ring.

Agile Style

Alternate Character Illustration of Pikkon (DBL24-15S) in his Agile Style form in Dragon Ball Legends

By removing his Weighted Clothing, Pikkon's power level and agility increases due to him being unburdened by the extra weight allowing him to fight seriously using a more Agile fighting style hence its name. In Dragon Ball Legends, Agile Style appears as a "transformation" for Pikkon (DBL24-15S).

Super Pikkon

Super Pikkon

Super Pikkon (スーパーパイクーハン) is a state taken on by Pikkon in Dragon Ball Heroes after training with King Kai[4]. The only notable physical difference in this form are the lines under his eyes. In this state Pikkon's attire changes to clothing similar to his master West Kai's, with cloth over his mouth. Unlike his normal form, he does not have a halo over his head, implying that he was resurrected.

In the Jaaku Mission 7 animated trailer's portrayal of the Reborn Broly Saga, Super Pikkon arrives to block Super Saiyan 4 Broly's attack on Goku, and then he and the others attack the Legendary Super Saiyan together.


Picohan in Dragon Ball Fusions

Main article: Picohan The EX-Fusion Pikkon and Piccolo who was introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions.

Video Game Appearances

Pikkon as he appears in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2

Pikkon is fought in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, where he demonstrates his signature Thunder Flash Attack.

Pikkon is a playable character in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai, Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road, Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, Dragon Ball Fusions, Dragon Ball Legends and Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. Pikkon is the last character to be fought in Infinite World's story mode.

He is also a playable character in the arcade games Dragon Ball Z: Bakuretsu Impact, Dragon Ball Z: W Bakuretsu Impact, Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Battlers, Dragon Ball Heroes, and Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle.

He is an assist character in Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden.

Pikkon debuted in the Opening Trailer of Jaaku Mission 7 with Updated Clothing helping in the fight against SSJ4 Broly

Pikkon performing his Thunder Flash Ultimate Skill from the Legendary Pack 1 DLC in Xenoverse 2

While Pikkon himself didn't initially appear in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, his weighted training clothes appear as clothing options under the name Pikkon's Clothes and his hat appears as an accessory under the name Pikkon's Hat. He is set to appear in the Legendary Pack 1 DLC as a playable character in Spring 2021. Additionally his future counterpart makes an appearance in the game's Legendary Pack 1 story, where he is initially mistaken for the main timeline counterpart, until Fu reveals that they are in Hell of a altered future timeline created by Fu orchestrating the creation of Future Janemba who originally didn't appear within the original future timeline that Fu had altered. Future Pikkon confronts Future Super Janemba like Pikkon did in Fusion Reborn timeline, but initially does so alone due to the absence of Future Gogeta as Future Goku and Future Vegeta are not present. However Xeno Trunks and the Conton City Hero of the Time Patrol arrive to provide assistance mistakenly believing they are in the Hell of the Fusion Reborn main timeline. However the appearance of Future Gohan and Fu's revelation that they are in the altered future timeline's Hell reveal that they have been assisting Future Pikkon who wasn't supposed to confront Future Janemba due to his very presence being an anomaly.

Pikkon himself appears in the Legendary Pack 1 DLC, though he is only playable in his Weighted Clothing (with Halo). During New Parallel Quest 145: "Other World Challenger", a Halo-less Pikkon appears as an NPC supporter and as an enemy if the Ultimate Finish requirements are met by keeping Pikkon's health over 10%. His Super Skills Burning Shot and Hyper Tornado can be randomly obtained in New Parallel Quest 143: "Other World Offensive". Additionally his signature Thunder Flash Ultimate Skill can be obtained randomly in New Parallel Quest 146: "Zen-Ohs' Earthly Excursion" by defeating Pikkon.

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Dragon Ball Z
  • Pikkon vs. Cell (Perfect Form), Frieza (Final Form), and King Cold (anime only)
  • Pikkon vs. Other World Fighter (anime only)
  • Pikkon vs. Olibu (anime only)
  • Pikkon vs. Torbie (anime only)
  • Pikkon vs. Goku (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Kaio-ken) (anime only)
  • Pikkon and Olibu vs. Kid Buu (anime only)
Fusion Reborn
  • Pikkon vs. Arqua
  • Pikkon vs. Goku
  • Pikkon vs. Janemba (Super Janemba)
Dragon Ball Heroes
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2


  • Pikkon's name is a based on the food, pecans. However, his original Japanese name, Paikū Han, literally means "Pork-Rib Rice." It is based on the Taiwanese dish Páigǔ fàn (排骨飯). His name is pronounced differently in the two English dubs of the anime. In the Ocean Group dubs, the "i" in his name is pronounced like "EE" while in the Funimation dub, the "i" is pronounced like "eye."
  • Pikkon was the first major Dragon Ball character Kyle Hebert played.
  • Despite the Other World Saga being omitted from DBZ Kai: Final Chapters, Pikkon still appears in the Dragon Ball Z Kai: Final Chapters in the Kid Buu Saga along with West Kai and Olibu.
  • In June 2017, a V-Jump survey was conducted before the anime adaptation of the Tournament of Power began and Pikkon was voted by Japanese fans as the one they'd like to see as a replacement for Good Buu as the tenth member to represent Team Universe 7.[5]
    • In Xenoverse 2, there is a Parallel Quest where the Time Patrol assist Pikkon after he suddenly finds himself as a member of Team Universe 7 during an altered version of the Tournament of Power.[2]


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