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Picohan (ピッコーハン Pikkōhan) is the EX-Fusion of Piccolo and Pikkon.


Picohan has dark and light-green skin, possessing Piccolo's pointy ears and Pikkon's facial features. He has a large crest on his forehead, under a combination of Piccolo and Pikkon's turbans (the shape of Piccolo's with the golden circle on Pikkon's).

Picohan dons Pikkon's white robes and Piccolo's purple Demon Gi, complete with shoulder pauldrons and a red belt with Pikkon's golden circle in the middle. He wears Pikkon's boots with Piccolo's shoe color. He also has Pikkon's halo over his head.


Pikkon and Piccolo's great similarity would likely increase Picohan's resulting power by a significant amount.

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