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"Piccolo Destroys Everything!" (ふんばれ!!そんくう Funbare!! Son Gokū, lit. "Stand Firm!! Son Goku") is the one hundred ninetieth episode of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows Piccolo powering up.


Piccolo performs a Hyper Explosive Demon Wave

Piccolo keeps powering up, and Goku thinks he has never felt a ki this incredible before. Goku yells at everyone to get on an airplane and leave the island, and everyone wonders what he plans on doing. Goku says he is going to withstand this as Piccolo continues his massive power up. As there is no time left for them to get away, Tien Shinhan fires a Kikoho at the ground, creating a big hole for everyone to hide in.

Everyone runs in, except Kami who continues to watch the match, but Launch kicks him down to the hole. Goku charges up to withstand it and Piccolo finally unleashes an incredible Hyper Explosive Demon Wave, causing a huge explosion, and busting up the entire island. Papaya Island is but a wasteland now, with the tiles from the ring all gone. Piccolo thinks he has won, but Goku is still standing as well, hardly damaged, and everyone climbs out of the hole and cheers for him.





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