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Piccolo Conquers The World (そんくうぎゃくしゅう!? Son Gokū no Gyakushū!?, lit. "Son Goku's Counterattack?!") is the thirteenth volume of the original Dragon Ball manga series written by Akira Toriyama. It was released on June 10, 1988 in Japan and on November 19, 2003 for the English version. It continues the King Piccolo Saga.


Piccolo Conquers The World

With a wish on the Dragon Balls, Piccolo restores his youth, becoming more powerful than ever! Flying to the palace of the King of the World, he announces that he is the new King, and broadcasts his reign of terror on international TV! Only Tenshinhan and Goku have a chance to stop Piccolo: Tenshinhan by mastering a martial arts move that can kill the one who uses it, and Goku by drinking a magic potion that might make him stronger—or kill him too! Two heroes risk death to save the planet—and meanwhile, Yajirobe eats too much and gets sick![1]

Volume introduction by Akira Toriyama

The cover flap image, Toriyama's Siberian husky Matryoshka

"This is our family dog, Matryoshka. We took her name from the traditional Russian dolls. Her nickname is “Rosha”, becuase it's a pain to constantly call her “Matryoshka”. I get cold easily, so I really envy her Siberian breed's ability to withstand the cold. Even though she's a female, she's super active and is constantly ramming my son and making him cry. No matter how busy I get, I always play with her once a day."[1]


Main characters

Supporting characters


Chapter # Title
145 "The Muten-Rōshi's Decision"
The Muten-Roshi's Decision.jpg
  • Original Title: てんろうけっしん Muten Rōshi no Kesshin, lit. "Muten Rōshi's Resolve"
146 "The Mafū-Ba"
The Mafu-Ba.jpg
  • Original Title: かめせんにん さいふう!! Kamesennin Saigo no Mafūba!!, lit. "Kame-Sen'nin's Final Mafūba!!"
147 "The Demon King of Old... Restored!"
The Demon King of Old...Restored.jpg
  • Original Title: わかがえるか!?ピッコロだいおう Waka Gaeru ka!? Pikkoro Daimaō, lit. "Piccolo Daimaō's Youth Restored!?"
148 "Go Ask Karin!"
Go Ask Karin.jpg
  • Original Title: カリンとうえ!! Karin Tō ni Ae!!, lit. "Get to Karin Tower!!"
149 "World Domination"
World Domination.jpg
  • Original Title: かいせいふく Sekai Seifuku, lit. "World Domination"
150 "Karin's Quandary"
Karin's Quandary.jpg
  • Original Title: カリンさま もなやむ Karinsama mo Nayamu, lit. "Karin-sama is Worried"
151 "[[The Superest Super Water !]]"
The Superest Super Water.jpg
  • Original Title: ちょうしんすい!!! Chōshinsui!!!, lit. "The Super God Water!!!"
152 "Piccolo's World"
Piccolo's World.jpg
  • Original Title: そんくう ついにはっしん!!!! Son Gokū Tsui ni Hasshin!!!!, lit. "Son Goku Finally Departs!!!!"
153 "Tenshinhan's Resolve"
Tenshinhan's Resolve.jpg
  • Original Title: テンシンハンけつ!! Tenshinhan no Ketsui!!; lit. "Tenshinhan's Determination!!"
154 "Tenshinhan vs. Drum"
Tenshinhan vs. Drum.jpg
  • Original Title: テンシンハンさん Tenshinhan no Gosan, lit. "Tenshinhan's Miscalculation"
155 "Guess Who's Back?"
Guess Who's Back.jpg
  • Original Title: そんくうぎゃくしゅう Son Gokū no Gyakushū, lit. "Son Goku's Counterattack"
156 "Fury"
  • Original Title: いかる!! Ikaru!!, lit. "Angry!!"


  • Master Roshi vs. King Piccolo
  • Chiaotzu vs. King Piccolo
  • Tien Shinhan vs. Drum
  • Goku vs. Drum
  • Goku vs. King Piccolo


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