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"Piccolo's World" (孫悟空ついに発進!!!! Son Gokū Tsui ni Hasshin!!!!, lit. "Son Goku Finally Departs!!!!") is the one hundred fifty-second chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows Goku in the foreground flexing his biceps. King Piccolo is shown grinning behind him on the left. Tien is shown flying an airplane over King Castle in the top right, while a concerned Yamcha and Bulma are in the bottom right.


As he flies away from the battle with King Piccolo, Tien radios Kame House and tells Yamcha that they failed to gather the Dragon Balls, and that Master Roshi and Chiaotzu have perished. He also informs them that King Piccolo summoned Shenron and regained his youth, making him much more powerful. He tells Yamcha the location of the bodies, and Yamcha says there is no point fighting Piccolo any more. Tien reveals that he has mastered the Evil Containment Wave and plans on using it against Piccolo. Yamcha says that they should try to have Shenron defeat Piccolo instead, and then revive the others. Just then, Oolong gets their attention, saying that something about Piccolo is on the television.

Demon King Piccolo delivers a televised speech

Demon King Piccolo delivers a televised speech

King Furry appears on their television screen, saying that his throne has been taken by King Piccolo. He then begs for someone to take him down, and Piccolo steps onscreen. He briefly chokes Furry before taking the foreground. Tien realizes that Piccolo must be at King Castle. Piccolo says that he has already demonstrated his power, and that the two words he hates most are "peace" and "justice." He claims that he will abolish every law enforcement agency and allow evil, terror, and hate to flourish. Launch, in her bad form, says that it does not sound too bad to her.

Back on Korin Tower, Goku says that he feels calm, yet overflowing with power after surviving the Ultra Divine Water. Korin is surprised at Goku's abilities, while Yajirobe says that Goku looks the same. Goku claims that he can feel King Piccolo's power in a certain direction, and decides to head that way. Goku says that he will win, and Korin agrees, then tells him that he will give him what he wants. Korin summons a massive Flying Nimbus and tells Goku to take a piece, telling him that his original one came from this giant cloud. Goku jumps down and takes a piece for himself before offering Yajirobe a ride, an offer which is hurriedly declined. Goku thanks Korin and flies off to battle Piccolo. Yajirobe asks for his own Flying Nimbus, but Korin says that he probably could not ride one. As Korin marvels at Goku's newfound power, King Piccolo tells the people of Earth that the greatest horrors are yet to come.





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