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"Piccolo's Farewell to Arms!?" (ピッコロのふだ Pikkoro no Kirifuda, lit. "Piccolo's Trump Card") is the seventh chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred first overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Goku, Raditz, and Piccolo, who has two fingers extended to his forehead to charge the Special Beam Cannon.


Piccolo firing his Special Beam Cannon (Full Color Manga)

While losing to Raditz, Piccolo devises an idea which he tells to Goku. Unaware of what they are talking about, Raditz assures them it will not work. Piccolo tells Goku of a technique that, ironically, he had been saving to use against Goku, the Special Beam Cannon. The downside to the technique is that it requires time to build up, so Goku takes on Raditz to distract him. While fighting Goku, Raditz is suddenly surprised to see Piccolo's Power Level climb.

Goku fires a Bending Kamehameha at Raditz, who dodges. Goku then bends it towards Raditz, although he catches it, much to Goku's surprise. Raditz retaliates by firing a Saturday Crush, which causes Goku to fall to the ground. As Raditz flies towards Goku for the final blow, Piccolo finishes charging his attack. Raditz's scouter suddenly reads Piccolo's Power Level and Raditz stops in shock. The chapter ends with Piccolo firing his Special Beam Cannon towards Raditz.






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