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Photon Wave (フォトンウェイブ Foton Weibu) is a technique used by Android 19 and Dr. Gero.


The user fires an energy wave from their hand, specifically from their Energy Absorption pads.



Android 19 using two handed version of the Photon Wave

Android 20 uses this technique to escape from the Dragon Team, after Bulma distracts them all with her airship, in order to go to his lab.

In Dragon Ball GT, back on Earth after being released from Hell along with many other villains, Android 19 uses the technique along with Pui Pui who uses an identical blast as part of their Villainous Carnage team attack in order to cause havoc in the city.

Video Game Appearances


Android 19's Full Power Energy Cannon in Battle of Z

Photon Wave was named in the Budokai series, Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, where it appears as one of the Androids' most powerful attacks; Android 19's version is called Photon Shot (フォトンシュート).

The technique appears under the generic name Full Power Energy Wave in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.

In the Supersonic Warriors series, when he performs the Photon Wave, Android 20 moves his hand in an arc, creating a crescent shaped explosion. In the first Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors, Android 20 uses a weak Photon Wave version under the name Energy Blast, and a powerful version under the name Super Energy Blast. Photon Wave can also be used in Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle. This technique appears fired with both hands as Android 19 and Android 20's Super Attacks under the name Full Power Energy Cannon in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z.

In Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden and the Supersonic Warriors series, Android 20 can also use a Full Power Energy Ball version called Energy Discharge Blast and Photon Blast respectively.

It is called Syphon of Energy in the Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game, where it is blue instead of purple.

Photon Wave appears in Dragon Ball Legends as Android 20 and Android 21's Special Move Arts Card and functions as an Area of Effect attack, with the opponent being unable to dodge it with a vanishing step.  When used by Android 21, it destroys all of the opponent's Special Arts Cards if it hits.



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