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Photon Flash (フォトンフラッシュ Foton Furasshu) is an Energy Wave used by Android 17.


First, Android 17 puts his hand forward and charges a golden-yellow energy sphere. Then, he fires the energy sphere in the form of an energy wave against the opponent, inflicting a large amount of damage.

Usage and Power

Future Yamcha slaughtered by Future 17's Photon Flash

Future Android 17 uses this attack to kill Future Vegeta, Future Yamcha, and Future Krillin.[3] He later uses it to destroy several buildings, and during his battle against Super Saiyan Future Gohan and Future Trunks; Future Android 17 prepares to kill Future Trunks using this technique, but is stopped at the intervention of his sister who wants to kill the youth herself.[4]

In Dragon Ball Super, Android 17 uses a very powerful Photon Flash to eliminate Kakunsa during the Tournament of Power. Android 17 uses the Photon Flash to aid the Combined Energy Wave with Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Frieza to eliminate Agnilasa. Android 17 uses a blue Photon Flash in the final minutes of the Tournament of Power against Top when he was fighting alongside Frieza, and further on to help Goku and Vegeta fight against Jiren.

In Dragon Ball GT, Android 17 uses a pink Photon Flash to kill Krillin. Super 17 also uses a similar Full Power Energy Wave to kill Dr. Gero.


Video Game Appearances

Android 17's technique was named Power Blitz in the Budokai series (like his sister's energy wave technique).

Android 17's Power Blitz in the Budokai series

The technique was named Photon Flash in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, where it appears as one of Android 17's Blast 2 attacks. It appears as Android 17's Ultimate Blast in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi and Budokai Tenkaichi 2, named Full Power Energy Wave; Android 17 shouts "Why don't we just finish this?", raises his left palm, and point it towards the opponent. A big, bright, yellow energy sphere then appears in his hand, and after a few seconds, he fire the sphere in form of a large, yellow energy wave while shouting: "Haah!". Upon impacting, the beam's tip explodes and inflicts a massive amount of damage.

It is also Android 17's Ultimate Blast in the Raging Blast series, with its color is changed to blue. The technique is an available super attack in Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi and Dragon Ball Z For Kinect.



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